Juan Manuel Rodulfo Salcedo

Juan Manuel Rodulfo Salcedo

Head of Engineering at Diag

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Servant leader. My job is to support my team members, provide guidance and coach them to get my job. Transparency, respect and ownership are my pillars. Transparency: Be honest to them, provide meaningful radical but candor feedback. Respect: Treat them like you want to be treated, don't lie to your employees, always be respectful. Ownership: Give them all the context they need to take decisions, delegate and provide support and guidance. Let them grow.

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Head of Engineering


Aug 2020 - current

In charge of Engineering department, including software development, Corp IT and Data .

Principal Engineer and Associate Director of Engineering


Jan 2019 - May 2020

Lead 2 teams (15 head count) to achieve business impact by creating new client-oriented products and features to improve the User Experience and Journey resulting in one product called Coach a SaaS to help improve 1-on-1s and professional career for managers and direct reports. Improved Software Engineering and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using SCRUM/Agile development helping them improve their Scrum knowledge and Agile Development. Lead DevOps/Platform Team to create standards in the platform increasing system stability, Service-level Agreement (SLA) of 99.9% and High Available (HA) system. Coach Team members to improve their skills and help them grow in their career path using the GROW model. Increased security protection working with ISO certifications, penetration tests (PenTest) and by using best techniques to make security a first-class citizen in Tinypulse. Reduced costs up to 80% by examining costs in infrastructure and choosing the best resources due to the current needs and scalability. Leaded the digital transformation of the company from Heroku to Amazon Web Services (AWS using S3, SNS/SQS, ECS, Fargate, CodeDeploy, Athena, Glue, API Gateway, Firehose) with focus on improving DevOps culture, adopting latest technologies such as microservice architecture (SOA), docker, containers, orchestration, CI/CD, and practices to maximize productivity and performance. Implanted DevOps culture mindset by empowering developers with a better understanding of the underlying platform and all the services around it by adding infrastructure as a code (terraform), trainings about AWS, microservices architecture, containers, best practices and improving dev team’s autonomy and self-organization. Pushed company culture and improved processes to maximize value structuring engineering teams as squads-chapters (https://blog.crisp.se/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/SpotifyScaling.pdf) Implemented an architecture review process to improve code quality and best practices (following https://mozilla.github.io/firefox-browser-architecture/text/0006-architecture-review-process.html)

Director of Engineering


Jul 2017 - Mar 2019

Zinio is one of the most important Digital Magazine Delivery of the World. Lead the multicultural Software hub in Vietnam with a total of 30 developers. Managing the technical architecture of the core of the company (SaaS delivery content backend/APIs), by defining, planning and making true new features and projects. Created with my teams multiple successful products and changing the way the company monetized their products moving from issue-based subscriptions (paying per item) to time-based subscriptions (monthly unlimited access subscriptions). Lead multiple products resulting in a 20% revenue increase. Coaching my teams into becoming better developers and involve them making them feel the ownership of what they do and feel proud of it. Improved collaboration and communication between different hubs in different time zones (Barcelona and Saigon) and with different mindsets and cultures. Reduced cost of infrastructure by 60% by creating an efficient infrastructure based on the actual requirements and needs and the scalability needed in short/medium terms.


Simply Eelp!

May 2016 - Jul 2018

Entrepreneur in a SaaS service user-focused startup focusing on providing any kind of service/provider a company may require providing them an intermediary to provide quality and trust to their daily needs. Lead a cross functional team (mobile, backend, UX/UI) of 6 members. Creating great things with a small amount of resources and people makes you Being in a startup helps you develop multiple roles such as CTO (manage my team and also guide the architecture designs of the technical tasks), Scrum master (implementing Agile development and planning sprints) and Product Owner (gather requirements from all the departments involved in the product team, analyze them and planning product’s new features and roadmaps related to them).

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