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Joy Ghanekar

SVP, Head of Product at talech

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    Hi Folks - excited to be part of this community. Iā€™m part of the founding team and Head of Product at talech (Palo Alto), a point of sale software for SMBs. talech was acquired by U.S. Bank in 2019. I currently manage the product, design, and program management teams and oversee the global strategy and execution for all of talech's products. Prior to talech, I was part of the mobile product teams at Zynga, and Yahoo! (voice search, maps, local) and Amazon (AWS). I started my career writing software on embedded systems powering the backbone of the internet at Sycamore Networks and Nortel Networks. I've managed teams of various sizes across startups and global organizations. My areas of expertise include: mobile product management, product marketing, hiring, startup sales and marketing, channel distribution/marketing, B2B SaaS, payments, and, local. I live in San Carlos with my wife and 2 young boys (4 and 7). I follow the Warriors and the Red Sox. In a prior life, I was a child actor in India. You can follow me on Twitter @jghanekar.

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    Compromising in the Face of Conflict

    31 December

    Joy Ghanekar, head of product at Talech, warns of the challenges you may face when entering into a channel based model of distribution, and how to come to terms with compromise as the solution.

    Internal Communication
    How to prepare for the rapid growth of your company

    31 December

    Joy Ghanekar, head of product at Talech, admits to not being fully prepared for the growth that quickly inundated his company. His quick call to action provides an exemplary approach to establishing a management structure of self-starters within a short period of time.

    Product Team
    Career Path
    How To Effectively Manage Remote Employees At A Start-Up

    14 August

    Joy Ghanekar, Head of Product at Talech, speaks about best practices for managing remote employees at a start-up level company.

    Internal Communication
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