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Jošt Novljan

Jošt Novljan

Engineering Manager at Reciprocity

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3 Years


Manager of Managers

Management Experience

Scaling Team

Hi everyone! My name is Jošt Novljan and I am currently Engineering Manager at Reciprocity, where I lead a team of 20 people. Looking forward to meeting you!

Sorry, I am not currently available for mentoring sessions.


Recruiting Strategies for Finding Suitable Engineer Candidates
8 July

Jost Noveljan outlines several approaches for sourcing and attracting great engineer candidates.

Jošt Novljan

Jošt Novljan

Engineering Manager at Reciprocity


Director Of Engineering

Reciprocity, Inc

Oct 2018 - current

Engineering Manager

Reciprocity, Inc

Jan 2017 - current

Co-managing the roadmap for the product, setting technical direction, quarterly+long-term goals and managing multiple engineering teams. Managing hiring, team growth, setting and improving the processes that we use. Reporting to the board of directors and serving on the executive leadership team, making sure all departments coordinate and work well together with engineering and that strategic goals are well communicated and met. Occasionaly I also take on product management for a few features and lead them from inception until successful implementation. Hands-on with coding, implementing features, reviewing code, fixing bugs.

Freelance web and mobile developer

Point out marketing agency, doublerecall.com, Kulinarika.net, ŠS PRSS...

Mar 2011 - current

Development of web solutions, back-end and front-end, development of simple mobile applications for Android & iOS. Privarcujte.si, aggregator of discounts across all slovenian stores. Development of automated twitter bots, and all kinds of fun stuff. One example is a mobile app developed for Kulinarika.net for Android & iOS with a custom facebook-type "feed/wall", user submissions of recipes, a search feature, offline/online storage, etc..

CTO and cofounder


Nov 2014 - current

Platform for video producers, actors and proprietors, that connects them in a simple way, to speed up the casting process. Development of the platform from scratch, business planning, new feature evaluation and implementation, acquisition of new clients.

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead

Reciprocity, Inc

May 2015 - Jan 2017

Worked on all aspects of the product as a full stack developer, sysops/devops, back-end development, frontend development and new feature design and implementation. Currently leading the team consisting of DevOps, QA and feature development teams, while focusing on developing and delivering new features.

Freelance Software Engineer


Dec 2014 - May 2015

Prepared a framework for data acquisition to enable good results from machine learning and prediction algorithms. Revamped all of the front end code which was written in Angular.js, brought it up to date with the latest version and overhauled the UX/Design. Added various new functionalities to the back-end code.

Research Assistant

Jozef Stefan Institute

Mar 2013 - May 2015

Finished studying compressed sensing and its application to sensor and distributed sensor systems, for data usage reduction and power usage optimisation. Also studying its application in cognitive radio networks and spectrum sensing. Currently working on prediction of power generation on solar panel arrays on a scale of a single household using various techniques like multivariate linear regression and neural networks. All of the data is presented on a platform I built using node.js and D3.js for visualisation. During the course of this project I have also contributed to the QMiner project (https://github.com/qminer/qminer) which is a platform for large scale analysis of structured and unstructured data, where I implemented neural networks for on-line and batch learning, in addition to expanding base QMiner functionality.

Freelance Web Developer


Sep 2014 - Feb 2015

Designed and developed a custom CMS, CRM and e-store solution for the business, to help them increase their reach and improve their sales and selling process.

Cofounder and engineering lead

deTENS startup

Nov 2013 - May 2014

We are building a new type of electrical muscle stimulator that connects to your mobile phone, helps you get rid of pain, and enables you to connect with physiotherapists all over the world.

head of IT

Študentska borza

Sep 2010 - Jan 2014

Implementing new trading systems and maintaining existing infrastructure, implementation of new features on the site.

CTO and cofounder

Catchy Cherry

Jan 2012 - Sep 2013

Platform that allows crafters to set up their own shop and sell their beautiful unique products all over the world. In charge of all the technical aspects of the project, web platform, mailing system, facebook apps, etc..


CALCIT volleyball Kamnik

Jan 2008 - Apr 2012

Middle blocker 2011/2012 Slovenia CUP Finalist vs ACH Volley 2011/2012 Slovenia National Championship Finalist vs ACH Volley 2011/2012 CEV Cup participant 2011/2012 Challenge Cup participant 2010/2011 Challenge Cup participant

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