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José Caldeira

José Caldeira

VP of Engineering at OutSystems

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    I support and mentor managers and technical leaders, both on the technical and business side of their job. I've been a developer, a team leader, a manager and now a manager of managers. Throughout my career I've worked on all kind of challenges, from cloud services to UI design. I would say that my biggest accomplishment is the number of leaders and autonomous teams I've helped grow, no matter the product field. I'm always following some core principles and I invite others in the same direction: - consider it done attitude; - braintrust your ideas until you get to the best solution; - it's all about consistency; - competition will never outwork me;

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    When Delegation Means Growth

    21 May

    José Caldeira, VP of Engineering at OutSystems, explains how by deleting decisions to his reports, he helps their growth.

    Creating Greater Alignment Among Managers

    21 May

    José Caldeira, VP of Engineering at OutSystems, details how he created greater alignment among his managers by pairing them up, making them buddies, and doing full transparent 360 feedback.

    Team Processes
    How to Communicate With Former Peers

    21 May

    José Caldeira, VP of Engineering at OutSystems, shares how he had to become more aware of the weight his words were carrying after he was promoted to Director of Engineering.

    Internal Communication
    New Manager
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