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Jord Sips

Group Product Manager at Mews

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Tech enthusiast with a passion for creating incredible product experiences! To me product (management) is all about asking "why?", it's the most powerful question we have. Product management is about finding the right problems and delivering amazing solutions. Focusing on outcomes rather than outputs. About 8 years of experience in product management, from an internship to head of product and everything in between.

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The Art of Asking Why: Narrowing the Gap Between Customers and Users

24 May

Jord Sips, Senior Product Manager at Mews, shares his expertise on a common challenge for product managers – finding root causes and solutions.

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Group Product Manager


Oct 2022 - current

As Group Product Manager I'm responsible for the product 'family' for Connectivity in Mews. I have a couple of product managers report to me, but am still also very hands on with the teams myself. Responsible for, the product side, of three to four teams.

Senior Product Manager


Jun 2021 - Oct 2022

Senior Product Manager for the Connectivity team. Responsible for the Open API and the Mews Marketplace.

Product Manager


Aug 2019 - Jun 2021

Product manager, responsible for products on Bullhorn's Salesforce portfolio. Directly responsible for multiple teams. Mostly worked with enterprise customers.

Head of Product


Dec 2013 - Aug 2019

Head of product for the R&D team at Mews. Worked by my way up, starting at an internship, first PM in the company, to leading the product team.

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