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Jonathan Tiret

Jonathan Tiret

VP, Engineering at Doctrine

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7 Years



Management Experience

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Hello there, I’m Jonathan, and happy to join the Plato community. I’ve been filling positions of product and/or engineering director for the past few years for companies based in Paris (previously at HiPay, a payment service provider and more recently at Photobox). Also have an entrepreneur background of creating browser-based online games. Apart from that, I’m experienced in lucid dreaming techniques. Definitely look forward to start getting to know you.

Sorry, I am not currently available for mentoring sessions.


How To Rise into a Senior Engineering Leadership Position
15 August

Jonathan Tiret discusses the set of principles he follows as a manager of managers in his Engineering Director role at PhotoBox. A guide for those who want to rise to the next step as an engineering manager.

New Manager of Manager
Jonathan Tiret

Jonathan Tiret

VP, Engineering at Doctrine

Principles to Set as a New Manager
11 June

Jonathan Tiret, engineering director at PhotoBox, opens up about how a new manager should establish principles aimed at creating an autonomous team and maintaining healthy relationships with team members.

New Manager of Manager
Jonathan Tiret

Jonathan Tiret

VP, Engineering at Doctrine

Broaching the Topic of Underperformance
11 June

Jonathan Tiret, engineering director at PhotoBox, touches on the importance of providing facts, while giving your employee the benefit of the doubt, when addressing the issue of their underperformance.

Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Conflict solving
Managing Expectations
Jonathan Tiret

Jonathan Tiret

VP, Engineering at Doctrine


VP, Engineering


Sep 2019 - current

Engineering Director


Sep 2018 - Aug 2019

Director, Platform Integration & Omnichannel Solutions

HiPay Group

Sep 2015 - Aug 2018

HiPay is a global payment provider processing more than 2bn € annually across 150 countries and 220 payment types. My role was to lead and manage engineering and product teams towards self-organization, innovation and continuous improvement. Our objective was to build a world-class solution that aimed to set HiPay as a global leader among the payment ecosystem. Reporting directly to the COO, I was responsible for several aspects of the product. My job included: • defining product roadmaps, in accordance with the company’s high-level strategy; • hiring and managing technical and product people organized in agile tribes; • explain the technology vision and product strategy to the teams, setting them goals and inspire them; • setting up processes, leading technical work groups, challenging the IT and product teams to develop best practices; • building and managing product unit budgets. My scope covered the global end-user payment experience, omnichannel and POS solutions, APIs, developer experience, e-commerce modules and platform SDKs.


Dino Gaïa

Aug 2005 - Aug 2017

I built the company when I was 16 thanks to my basic web development knowledge of that time. A few months later, the game had 30,000 active users per week and counted up to 909,000 visits and 42.6 millions page views per month. Here is what I did as part of my duty: • developed the whole browser-based dinogaia.com game (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript); • created the whole scenario and gameplay; • designed the web site interface; • managed accountancy, sales and marketing aspects.

Head of R&D


Apr 2012 - Aug 2015

I joined SnapCar when it was just an idea as part of the founding team as the person responsible for managing the product and the engineering team. In three years, SnapCar has become a major brand in France and has raised 3 million euros from investors as of end 2014. The service is used primarily by business users for corporate travel. Major customers and partners include SNCF, IKEA, Orange and Mondial Assistance. My accomplishments were: • set up agile processes, managed the product and the development team, recruited tech people; • presented the product and the technical architecture to investors and stockholders as well as during external events; • managed the cloud infrastructure, the auto scaling and IT automation tools (using DevOps scripting frameworks like Chef); • developed mobile apps (Objective-C Cocoa iOS apps) and single-page JavaScript Web apps (AngularJS, Bootstrap).

Software Engineer


Sep 2011 - Mar 2012

I joined Appsfire when it was an app recommendation engine with over 12M downloads. My job included: • native Objective-C iOS development; • UI/UX iPhone/iPad R&D; • web service development.

Junior iOS Engineer


Feb 2011 - Aug 2011

As part of the iOS development team, I had the chance to work on key projects like the official Roland Garros 2011 tennis tournament iPhone/iPad application. As part of my duty, I did the following: • developed the results section of the official Roland Garros 2011 tennis tournament iOS app; • conducted R&D studies on mobile ad display and created prototypes; • performed technical interventions on intern applications and participated in the deployment process.

Junior Android Engineer

Klee Group

May 2010 - Aug 2010

Working closely with the Chief Technology Officer of Klee Group (40M turnover), I conducted a study on smartphones’ OS and touch technologies. Then, my teammate and I developed a modular core-based Android application allowing us to take advantage of mobile devices’ programming interfaces.

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