Jonathan Azoff

Jonathan Azoff

Tech Entrepreneur and Investor at SNØCAP

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    Hi, I'm Jonathan 👋 I'm currently a Senior Engineering Manager at Carta. Previously, I helped build a platform team at WeWork, scale Omni Rentals from 0 to 1, built property management software for Zillow, and games for Disney. I also moonlight as a partner at Treadlight, a social impact fund focused on food and sustainability. With what little free time I have left, I am also a (new) dad, a dog dad, an avid basketball player, and a fearless e-bike enthusiast!

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    Conducting Course Correcting 1:1s

    2 August

    Jonathan Azoff explains why he believes conducting regular one-on-one takes out the necessity for performance reviews.

    Interviewing for Management- Answering and Then Asking

    21 January

    Jonathan Azoff gives advice on how to productively reply to questions when interviewing for engineering leadership or management positions so that the fit of the role is determined conducive for both parties.

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    Senior Engineering Manager


    Feb 2020 - Aug 2021

    Managed multiple teams and over 20 ICs over the course of a year

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