Jeremy Otsap

Jeremy Otsap

Technical Director of Data & Analytics at Modis

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I first got my start with computers when I was 13-years old, tinkering with MS-DOS v5. Since then, I've spent the past 28 years on multiple aspects of technology from system engineering, network architecture, data center build-out, cloud migration, optimization & modernization, compliance audit & remediation, big data deployments, predictive analytics, sensor adoption for Industry v4, democratizing data and analytics. It's a long, intense list. I've worked as an IT Director at True Religion Jeans and BCBG, where I gained deep industry expertise in Retail, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management. I've got well over a dozen IT certifications from Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, and NetApp, and additionally a Data Science Graduate Certificate from UC Irvine, and at the end of 2021 will have my Masters in Data Science. But what does this mean? Who cares? It means I've focused 2 decades of my life learning and mastering many different facets of technology. In 2000 it was Active Directory, BGP routing, firewalls, etc. In 2011 it was data center automation, federated identity services, RoCE, TRILL, iSCSI. Today its cognitive services, AutoML, driverless AI. Most people outside technology DO NOT GET IT. Many of your bosses WILL NOT GET IT. That we have this unspoken 2nd dayjob called "staying relevant" which requires dozens of unpaid hours every week reading articles, product announcements, technical documentation, certification exams, etc. This alone is quite extensive, but as you start considering senior level roles, management, etc then it needs to be tied back to industry trends that drive impact. You need to already know that the automotive industry today is the second most data-driven industry. That in the US, General Motors spends more on employee health benefits that it does on steel. And if you don't, someone else will; maybe even someone you trained. And in the end, they will be end up being YOUR new boss. That is something that a lot of technology people struggle with. Something I struggled with. I am not here, volunteering my time for free, while Plato charges $249 / month to be "vulnerable" or "gently coach." I’m not here to bullshit you. I’m here to help you attain victory. I suffered soul-crushing defeat before I finally understood what victory required. And I am tired of seeing my fellow technical people suffer in jobs that offer no satisfaction, no future career path, just "shut-up, code, and take your 6-figure salary and sit quietly in the corner. And by the way, I need you be on-call this New Years." That is a present, but not a future.

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