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Jeff Ammons

Jeff Ammons

Senior Engineering Manager at Slack

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Hello 👋

Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Hi All, I’m Jeff Ammons. I’ve been a Sr. EM most recently at Slack, but have also worked as Dir. of Eng at Brigade (a civic tech startup funded by Sean Parker), as a Product Manager at Simple Energy, in Boulder; CO, and as VP of Eng at, plus a startup of my own that didn’t succeed. I’m currently working on starting a coaching/consulting business, Blue Raven, to help engineering leaders develop themselves and their teams (I promise I won’t try to sell anything on here though, unless you ask :smile::thumbsup: ). It’s good to meet all of you! I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, so feel free to DM me if you ever want to do a video call or :coffee: if you’re in San Francisco!

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    Constraining decisions with reality

    6 December

    Jeff used to work for a startup with a founder who kept having new ideas that the engineering team didn’t have the time to build, and frequently changed his mind about the priority. Jeff tried to find a way to force prioritization and include looking at what was already in progress.

    Managing Expectations
    Health / Stress / Burn-Out
    Sharing The Vision
    Dev Processes
    Team Processes
    Stumbling into chaos

    6 December

    Jeff joined a startup during a period of heavy change and helped reign in that chaos by adding some new process.

    New Manager
    Team Processes
    Managing Expectations
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