Jason Mawdsley

Jason Mawdsley

Director, System Software at NVIDIA

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Since 1998 I have been designing, implementing, and leading projects across a wide range of products by having personally led, managed, or been a developer in high risk, cutting edge projects on a wide variety of platforms; including Windows, Windows 10, QNX Neutrino, various mobile platforms and the web. In my current role at NVIDIA, I am leading a group of engineers taking the latest research in AI and Graphics to market on NVIDIA GPUs. With Moore’s law all but over, it is up to AI to allow the GPU to work smarter, not harder. As an engineering leader at NVIDIA, I work with multi-disciplinary and cross-org teams leading the AI & Graphics team, working directly with researchers, engineers, marketing and executives bringing their ideas and visions to market that will enhance the GeForce ecosystem and further differentiate NVIDIA from the me toos of the GPU market. As a Certified ScrumMaster since 2005, I have a strong interest in process improvement, specifically through the adoption of Agile and Lean methodologies within both local teams and distributed teams to instill the behaviors and skills to have successful high-performance teams. My management and leadership philosophy is simple, build a high-performance team by having excellent training and mentoring processes and being diligent about who and when you hire. Instill in this team the behaviors of autonomy, decisiveness, collaboration, and the desire to do the right thing even when it’s not always doing things right. And when this is done, ensure the road is clear of speed bumps and get out of the way.

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Adjusting My Military Leadership Style

10 June

Jason Mawdsley, Director System Software at NVIDIA, speaks of his efforts to adjust his military leadership style to a more empathic approach prevalent in the civilian knowledge-based workforce.

Internal Communication
When AI Features Are Market-Ready

10 June

Jason Mawdsley, Director System Software at NVIDIA, explains how to determine the maturity of AI features and why validation and verification are the most important part of the process.

Managing Expectations
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