Jan Pieczykolan

Jan Pieczykolan

Head of IT Development at Santander Bank Polska

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My name is Janek (ˈja.nɛk or simpler: yahnek) I’m a manager with 20 years of experience in IT industry. I’ve started as a developer and I spent several years in delivery, mostly in system integration, Service oriented architecture and CRM solutions for Telco industry. From delivery I’ve moved to consultant and product manager role in which I was responsible for the company offering, pre-sales and strategic projects. Since 2013 I had a pleasure to lead several teams, sized from 5 to 250 people, by working directly with engineers or with other leaders. I’ve spent longer part of my professional career working as a software/development vendor, however almost three years ago I’ve moved to the customer side. I’ve a practical experience in such matters as: - Engineering in general – organizational structure, distributed teams, communication, knowledge management, roles and responsibilities, ramp-up and ramp-down, vendor and subcontractor management, processes, metrics, hiring, change - Software development – starting from a business need up to go-live; different software development models/practices, starting from a waterfall, through an iterative up to a modern agile approach - Software maintenance – from defining and setting up a contract, up to organizing team to provide 24/7 coverage - Project management – planning and execution of a project or an initiative as well as establishing a project management system in your team - Product management – pretty much the whole product life-cycle, but especially how to start with a new product development - Software size estimation and project quotation – advantages and disadvantages of different size estimation techniques, choosing the best one for your project and how proceed from software size estimation to a project schedule and quotation - Sales and pre-sales of outsourcing or software services – how to prepare and answer a RFP/RFI/RFQ, important aspects of an offer or contract, pricing - Central European IT market I’ve a computer science background as well as I finished a MBA course. My experience come from company of different sizes – from 5 to 20.000 people, so I hope you will find our cooperation beneficial. Looking forward for our meeting.

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Introduction of a Matrix-Based Organizational Model in a Software House

9 December

Jan Pieczykolan, Software Engineering Director, shares his experience changing the organizational model to matrix-based resource pool one.

Innovation / Experiment
Unexpected Outsourcing Contract Termination

9 December

Jan Pieczykolan, Software Engineering Director, advises how he handled an unexpected termination of an outsourcing contract and addressed people's fears to finish cooperation in a mutually beneficial way.

Internal Communication
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Taking Over Maintenance and Development of Existing Customer Applications From Other Vendors

9 December

Jan Pieczykolan, Software Engineering Director, describes how he prepared a successful transition plan for a vendor to take over responsibility for a whole customer IT domain.

Implementing a New Product From the Scratch

9 December

Jan Pieczykolan, Software Engineering Director, describes how he successfully started a new product.

Agile / Scrum
Decommissioning of the Central Processing System and Migration to an In-House Claim Management Solution

9 December

Jan Pieczykolan, Software Engineering Director, shares a case study of what is essential when moving from a legacy third-party system to a new in-house solution.

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Head of IT Development

Santander Bank Polska

Dec 2021 - current

Leading IT dev teams in the company.

Director of Product and Software Engineering


Feb 2020 - Dec 2021

Managing product teams that covers most of claim processing and back-office processes.

Head of Product


Mar 2019 - Feb 2020

Managing several Product Managers responsible for claim processing, legal and back-office products.

Delivery Manager


Dec 2016 - Mar 2019

Led one of Financial Line of Business engagements.


Asseco Poland

Jul 2004 - Dec 2016

Started as developer and later worked in consulting, sales and management roles.

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