James Hewett

James Hewett

Engineering Manager at Monzo Bank

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Hi all, i’m James Hewett... friends call me Jimi, so call me Jimi. I am currently an Engineering Manager at Monzo bank in London. Here at Monzo i manage 16 back-end engineers across 4 teams within the Payments and finance collective. I have a strong technical background with a 1st class honours degree in computer systems engineering and over 12 years experience as a software engineer, tech lead and engineering manager/leader. I have developed a passion for building and leading teams and look to create an enjoyable working environment with a balanced culture of high performance, continuous improvement, teamwork and recognition. I am a firm believer that engaged engineers are THE key ingredient to high performing teams. Happy engineers build high-quality software faster!

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Remote Working For All
10 April

James Hewett shares about how he set up a remote working policy for his engineers when they compared their working conditions with the contractors.

Managing Expectations
James Hewett

James Hewett

Engineering Manager at Monzo Bank

Remote Team Conflict Resolution
8 April

James Hewett, Head of Software Engineering at Sonovate, tells his story about dealing with a remote team conflict.

Conflict solving
Toxic atmospheres
James Hewett

James Hewett

Engineering Manager at Monzo Bank


Engineering Manager

Monzo Bank

Jul 2019 - current

Software Engineer


Jun 2013 - Nov 2013

Worked on a Life and Pensions software project for a Fortune 500 life insurance company. Work included: \- Fixing business layer (C++/SQL) and Presentation Layer (Python) defects \- Developing and testing new business layer functionality

Software Engineer


Nov 2012 - May 2013

Worked in an Agile team environment to deliver high quality, test-driven software for a new generation of Smart TVs and companion devices. Work included: \- Managing a team sprint as Scrum Master. \- Working with Consumer Electronics manufacturers (Panasonic) to help develop an API and reference C++ implementation to enable our software to be integrated onto controlled platforms i.e. Smart TVs. \- Development of a cross-platform (Mac/Linux/Windows) Automatic Content Recognition component, using C++, Javascript, HTML5, Qt Framework and 3rd Party APIs. \- Implementing similar show suggestion & chat room functionality for a companion iPad application and Smart TV using Objective C and CoffeeScript.

Software Implementation & Integration Team Lead

General Dynamics UK Limited

Sep 2008 - Nov 2012

Progressed from a graduate software engineer to a sub-team implementation and integration lead on the Specialist Vehicles (SV) project, largest software project General Dynamics have ever undertaken. Responsible for leading a sub-team in the development, integration and delivery of multi-platform, core system software components for major software releases. This included: \- Tasking team members \- Task estimation and metrics \- Extracting detail from architectural designs to create implementation design artefacts (UML diagrams) \- Implementing designs through model-driven development, using IBM Rational Rhapsody, Visual Studio 2008, C++ and C# \- Ensuring software quality through adherence to internal and external standards (MISRA), component and system level testing and regression testing \- Progress reporting to senior engineers and management \- Bug fixing

Software Engineer


Jul 2006 - Sep 2007

Year in Industry Placement Worked within the software engineering department of a world leading manufacturer of test probe and measurement equipment. My time was spent working with a number of teams within the department to develop and implement software solutions for a wide variety of customer requirements. Many of the projects I worked on required me to quickly get to grips with new concepts, programming languages, software packages and development processes. These included: \- C# and .NET technologies \- UML and Design patterns \- Object oriented scripting languages \- C for embedded systems \- Yourdon modelling and Structured Analysis , and \- Various integrated development environments In addition to the technical experience gained, my placement also exposed me to a number of non-technical aspects of software development and testing, such as: \- The importance of good customer relations, communications and service \- Project management techniques including, planning, work breakdown, cost estimation and quality improvement procedures \- Design/progress meetings \- Software demonstrations and customer presentations. \- The process of project selection and the importance of a project’s business value

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