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Jadon Naas

Jadon Naas

Product Development Lead at InMotion Hosting

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  • Thursday 30th Dec9:00 PM (GMT)

My passion is helping people, and technology, product management, and servant leadership are my tools for making my team members' and users' lives better. I am responsible and accountable for the overall development of all aspects of InMotion Hosting's Flex Metal Cloud on-demand OpenStack private cloud platform. I started out in technology as a hobbyist teaching myself Python programming to solve problems I had as a hotel front desk agent. I made the leap into technology professionally as an entry-level technical support agent, taught myself to be a full stack developer with a focus on JavaScript, and graduated from developing my own products and tools individually to leading a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals creating the next generation open source cloud platform they want to use for the awesome things they want to build.

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Learning to Sell

29 January

Jadon Naas, Product Development Lead at InMotion Hosting, recalls becoming a product manager and having to learn how to sell the product he helped develop.

Personal Growth
Career Path
Integrating a Junior Engineer Into a New Team

29 January

Jadon Naas, Product Development Lead at InMotion Hosting, talks of his failed attempts to integrate a junior engineer into a new team with a culture of its own.

Company Culture
Team Processes
Balancing Your Team and Product Sponsor’s Requirements

29 January

Jadon Naas, Product Development Lead at InMotion Hosting, shares how he managed to motivate his team while handing a directive product sponsor and his demanding requirements.

Team Reaction
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