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Jacopo Toccacieli

Jacopo Toccacieli

VP of Engineering at Tehama

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  • Wednesday 1st Dec2:30 PM (GMT)

I'm an engineering leader who enjoys building high performant teams. My experience ranges from early-stage startups working with a lean team for achieving product/market fit, to the growing phase where the business objectives move toward predictability and commitment from the development team. I have led engineering and product teams in both B2B SaaS and C2C marketplaces. I'm currently leading a 40+ person product development team at Tehama. I believe in environments where an engineering organization can translate the business vision and mission into a product that creates value for people. As a leader, I strive to create an environment where engineers can solve technical challenges while having fun at work. I believe in a culture of ownership of the entire product lifecycle, from planning to delivery and maintenance. I prioritize fast feedback loop and fail fast principle in order to empower the growth of the business.

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