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Jackson Dowell

Jackson Dowell

Engineering Manager at Asana

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    I'm an engineering leader with experience growing and managing high-performing teams at companies of all sizes. My teams have worked either on backend systems or full-stack product experiences from proof-of-concept all the way up to large scale systems serving millions of users around the world. As an engineer, my experience is primarily with large-scale backend platforms and I have a particular interest in systems architecture.

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    Migrating a Legacy Service: A Lesson in Eng/Ops Collaboration

    18 November

    Jackson Dowell, Engineering Manager at Asana, discusses how he approached legacy service migration by stabilizing the existing stack and getting Engineering and Operations to work together to address the underlying problems.

    When Systems Thinking Unlocks a Way Forward

    18 November

    Jackson Dowell, Engineering Manager at Asana, explains how he moved his project forward by coming up with a clear model of the system and problem that provided guidance to the team and helped communicate their efforts outward.

    Managing Expectations
    Dev Processes
    Internal Communication
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