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Irina Stanescu

Irina Stanescu

Tech Lead at Ex-Google Ex-Uber

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  • Wednesday 1st Dec4:30 PM (GMT)

I’m a Tech Lead with 10+yrs of hands-on experience working for various Silicon Valley tech companies, covering a variety of domains ranging from networking, embedded software, ad serving, video streaming, marketplaces, transportation, and food delivery. I have a deep passion for leadership and coaching, for seeing the hidden potential in people and maximizing performance through encouraging, developing, and believing. I love to see people grow, develop their skills, and become better versions of themselves and the ripples into their professional and personal lives. I also write about Leadership, Humans & Technology at Subscribe if you want to keep up with the latest issues. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Food / Foodtech
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
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How I Succeed at Convincing… Everyone

2 April

Irina Stanescu, ex-Tech Lead at Google and Uber, describes how she convinced her PM and a partner team to change the course of an already designed & architected project by means of compelling arguments.

Using Snippets to Track Performance and Growth

2 April

Irina Stanescu, ex-Tech Lead at Google and Uber, tells how she uses “snippets” to track her performance and gain visibility on her work.

Handling Promotion
Personal Growth
How to Establish Yourself as a Leader

2 April

Irina Stanescu, ex-Tech Lead at Google and Uber, shares how she established herself as a leader without clinging to a title or long waiting for promotion.

Personal Growth
Career Path
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