Ilya Pesahovsky

Ilya Pesahovsky

Director of Engineering at dailymotion

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    HI All! I am Director of Engineering at Dailymotion for a brand new stand alone project we started to build ground up a year ago. I am a backend engineer and engineering manager at heart. Mostly expert with API and services development. In the past year I have done over 180 interviews for various position so definitly can share some stories. I Love to build engineering teams and deliver great products! this is my second Director role. In the previous roles I was 8 years with cyber security companies (hacking/preventing/researching) and 4 years with AdTech companies. Really excited to join this great community!

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    Tips For Fast And Effective Recruitment

    6 December

    Ilya talks about his tips for making rapid recruitment simpler, more streamlined and more effective.

    Managing Expectations
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