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Ilya Pesahovsky

Ilya Pesahovsky

Director of Engineering at Dailymotion

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11 Years



Management Experience

Company Culture
Scaling Team

HI All! I am Director of Engineering at Dailymotion for a brand new stand alone project we started to build ground up a year ago. I am a backend engineer and engineering manager at heart. Mostly expert with API and services development. In the past year I have done over 180 interviews for various position so definitly can share some stories. I Love to build engineering teams and deliver great products! this is my second Director role. In the previous roles I was 8 years with cyber security companies (hacking/preventing/researching) and 4 years with AdTech companies. Really excited to join this great community!

Sorry, I am not currently available for mentoring sessions.


Tips For Fast And Effective Recruitment
6 December

Ilya talks about his tips for making rapid recruitment simpler, more streamlined and more effective.

Managing Expectations
Ilya Pesahovsky

Ilya Pesahovsky

Director of Engineering at Dailymotion


Engineering Manager


May 2019 - current

Director of Software Engineering - AdTech Platform Management


Nov 2016 - May 2019

\- Leading Backend and Frontend teams for Video AdExchange Platform Management (console) \- Hired and Built three engineering teams ground up in two locations (NY & Paris) in less than six months. \- Leading and collaborating with feature teams and other leaders to ensure success of strategic business projects \- Collaborating with product, engineering and other executives to develop short and long term company roadmap and strategy Engineering responsibilities: \* Responsible of teams building robust, scalable and flexible API (internal and external). \- Technologies: Golang, APIdoc, AWS, PostgersSQL, noSQL, kafka \* Responsible of Frontend team building Platform ground up to monetize Inventory, target audiences both for publisher and buyers including analytics, reporting, RBAC and more. \- Technologies: ReactJS, Redux, Express, Less, webpack, karma, SinonJS, enzyme, chai \* CI/CD with Jenkins pipeline for unit testing, integration testing (using docker) creating artifactory (jfrog) for deployment

Sr. Software Engineer


Feb 2014 - May 2015

Platform Team, DSP Team

Sr. Software Engineer

Check Point Software Technologies

Dec 2010 - Nov 2013

VSX Team. Virtual Platforms, Framework Virtualization Virtual Platforms group. Virtualizing framework and infrastructures of Network Security product. Firewall Virtualization under Linux based platform, mainly related to network vitrtualization. Developing in Kernel and User space using C/C++ and scripting. Feature development, runtime and memory consumption optimizations, bug fixing and close work with QA. Leading and supporting several worldwide EA installation.

Security Analyst and Software Developer

Prime Minister's Office

Oct 2007 - Dec 2010

Built security and anti-malware products. Acquired knowledge and experience at the following fields: • Hacking and defensive methodologies • Security at the network layer • Security at the application layer • Hacking tools and anti hacker tools • Operating systems security and security administration • Analyzing raw network traffic.


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