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Ian Logan

Ian Logan

VP Engineering at Rose Rocket

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  • Friday 24th Dec3:30 PM (GMT)

I enjoy solving difficult problems and building mission-critical software systems at a rapid pace. I architect modular systems that process large volumes of data with laser-like accuracy and precision. I understand and am cognizant of the difference between management and leadership. I aspire to be influential and to inspire positive, meaningful impact with everyone around me. Most recently, I transitioned from FinTech to FreightTech. I’ve gained domain expertise but strive to iteratively evolve from being a specialist to generalist. I'm currently VP Engineering at Rose Rocket, leveraging my past experiences to fuel the consumerization of the enterprise. Previously, I was VP Engineering at Drop and Director of Engineering at Airbnb. I lead technology organizations to amplify their ability to execute and build quality software. I invest in creating a strong, diverse engineering culture and fostering an environment for innovation. I aim to maximize the impact and potential of every engineer that I work with while constantly thinking about the future. A few companies reach a massive scale every decade. At Airbnb, I'm fortunate and appreciative of the opportunity to have built a unique global payment platform to allow any two people in the world to frictionlessly exchange money. I led Payments, Business Travel, and Monetization engineering. I also started Airbnb's first remote engineering office. In a previous life, I developed trading algorithms and financial applications for world-class investment banks.

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Shipping Products Faster with Confidence

26 March

Ian Logan, VP of Engineering at Rose Rocket, explains why the speed of execution is critical for finding a product-market fit and highlights how to build confidence when shipping fast.

Dev Processes
Team Processes
Leading Post-Acquisition

26 March

Ian Logan, VP of Engineering at Rose Rocket, shares what it takes to make a successful acquisition of engineering organizations.

Team Processes
Changing Company
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