Nhm Tanveer Hossain Khan

Nhm Tanveer Hossain Khan

Principal Software Engineer at WeWork

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    Hi everyone, My name is Hossain Khan, and I am currently a Principal Software Engineer at WeWork. I have over 18 years of experience in product development, leading engineering teams, and being IC, particularly in startup environments (WeWork, Le Souk, Ubertweek, BeatDeck, Khadok, Somewhere in..). I have worked throughout the entire lifecycle of ventures, from ideation to exit. I love to code in Go, Kubernetes, Ruby, Java, and Javascript-based stacks. As a mentor, my focus is primarily being an IC, driving initiative, collaborating with peers, and making opportunities to architect systems to solve organizational problems. I am looking forward to meeting and learning from you!!

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    How to Produce Impact as a New Engineer

    4 April

    Hossain Khan, Principal Software Engineer at WeWork, shares experiences and lessons he’s learned from his career, as well as tips on how to continue a learning mindset.

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