Hilfi Alkaff

Hilfi Alkaff

CTO at OY! Indonesia

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Passionate about building world-class engineering culture to solve problems that are both highly impactful and (ideally :) technically challenging. Have successfully scaled engineering and product team from 0 to 60+ people. I believe that a company's (and by extension, a manager's and an individual contributor's) three major levers for better outcomes are people -- hire, coach, and empower the right people; problem -- before solving a problem correctly, we should find the correct problem first; and processes -- having the right amount of processes, neither too much nor too little. Of these three levers, I believe that people are the most important since the right people could help identify the right problems and processes.

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How to Instill a Growth Mindset in Your Team

1 June

Hilfi Alkaff, Co-Founder and CTO at OY! Indonesia, outlines key actions that he took to instill a growth mindset in his team, thus ensuring their continuous improvement.

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