Heather Natour

Heather Natour

Head of Engineering, Seller & B2B at Opendoor

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Hi all — I'm the Head of Engineering, Seller & B2B at Opendoor! Before that, I was an Engineering Manager at Lyft. I managed several teams across three locations surfacing public transit into the Lyft app. Previously I was a Director of Engineering at Capital One and spent most of my career at Blackboard, an edtech company, starting as a software engineer and then moving into eng management, managing managers, and technical program management. I have an economics degree but fell into software engineering and have been managing teams for 15 years. I love the coaching part of my job and hope I can be helpful as a sounding board here!

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How to Prevent Burnout by Delegating Tasks

21 May

Heather Natour, Engineering Director at Opendoor, shares her experience on how to prevent burnout by delegating tasks to other team members.

Transitioning an IC to Manager

21 May

Heather Natour, Engineering Director at Opendoor, discusses her approach to transitioning an IC to a manager.

Packaging Information to Effectively Manage Up

21 May

Heather Natour, Engineering Director at Opendoor, reveals what are the elements of managing up and how to effectively package the information.

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