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Guru Kini

Guru Kini

Co-Founder & CTO at Fincity

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13 Years



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Computer Software
Cloud Services

Thanks for dropping by! I am a technology enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in the software industry. In my journey, I have played varied roles at all levels on the ladder, but always keeping a focus on technology. Healthcare IT, scalable cloud solutions and IOT have been a key area of focus. For me, one of the most thrilling aspects of being in the software industry is that it has allowed me to switch domains and apply my knowledge to new problems in a different context. These powerful enablers of discovery and application have helped me shape my career in areas as diverse as Operating Systems middleware, Machine automation and Healthcare; savoring each challenge and learning a little more from each mistake. In the latter half of my career, I gravitated towards people and process management. I have been an active contributor to several process improvement drives in project and human resource management areas. My experience has given several opportunities to develop teams from scratch, establish software development and delivery processes and build competence. In my spare time, I spend time helping out early-stage technological startups with pro-bono advice.

Hey, I'm available every Tuesday at 4:00 PM (GMT)

Next time slot available
  December 8, 2020
  4:00 PM (GMT)

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