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Graham McNicoll

CEO at GrowthBook

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I am a founder and engineering leader who enjoys delivering successful technology products. I welcome the challenges of building something new, solving hard problems, and possess the drive and passion to inspire teams to deliver. I thrive in a collaborative environment. My specialities are hiring & building great teams, and creating a great work culture that increases retention. I value creativity, collaboration, quality, productivity, and a positive culture. Comfortable leading geographically distributed teams and startups. Enjoys fast-paced environments. I'm currently the co-founder and CEO of GrowthBook, and open source A/B testing platform (YC W22). Previously I was the CTO of that I helped grow into a competitive digital learning platform serving millions of parents, teachers, and students around the world, culminating in its successful acquisition. In the past I helped establish multiple computer labs across Tanzania and co-founded an international non-profit to increase internet and computer access in the developing world.

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Why AB Testing Is Good for Your Company Culture

28 October

Graham McNicoll, CEO of Growth Book and former VP of Product and Engineering at, recalls how he introduced data-driven decision-making and AB testing to drive growth, and the unexpected effects it had on development speed, team alignment, intellectual humility, and collaboration.

Managing Expectations
Team Processes
Agile / Scrum
How Hack Weeks Can Inspire Innovation and Change Culture

28 October

Graham McNicoll, CEO of Growth Book and former VP of Product and Engineering at, recalls how he introduced hack weeks and inspired a company-wide culture of experimentation and innovation.

Company Culture
Team Processes
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