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Glenn Block

VP of Product at Uplevel

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I am a seasoned leader with 25 years of experience. I have a strong track record of leading teams in delivering high-quality products starting from vision to delivery. I continually engage deeply with customers to understand their needs and drive those back into products they will love. Both inside and outside of work I am passionate to help move the ball forward for diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus on bringing more diversity to product. I am an advisor to several STEM-based organizations including CodeFellows and Jewelbots, serve on several non-profits, and I am a mentor and advocate focusing on women and people of color. In my current role, I lead product at Uplevel

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(Not) Finding the Right Job

5 February

Glenn Block, Principal PM Lead at Microsoft, highlights the importance of intentionality and being careful about making any assumptions when looking for the right job.

Personal Growth
Career Path
Bringing a New Product to Market

5 February

Glenn Block, Principal PM Lead at Microsoft, discusses the importance of understanding the target market and why the strategy of bringing a product to market should be determined by what the market is asking for.

Dropping the Ball Explicitly

5 February

Glenn Block, Principal PM Lead at Microsoft, reflects on the problem of accountability and how being explicit about what you can do helps with expectation setting and alignment.

Internal Communication
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