George Perantatos

George Perantatos

Director of Product at Redfin

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Call me a hopeless optimist, but I believe that software is one of the most powerful forces in our world. I love to design and build software that delights people, is easy and fun to use, and solves problems. I've worked in software since 2001 on projects ranging from productivity (SharePoint) to incubations (Office Labs) to entertainment (Xbox) to digital products (Amazon) to real estate (Redfin). - In SharePoint, I focused on web content management and page authoring, growing SharePoint into something that helps you manage large-scale content web sites. - In Office Labs, I worked on several productivity incubations including personalized social search, NUI applications in Office, and automated workspace management. I also personally developed side projects involving mobile task management, PixelSense, and Kinect. Some of my work made it into future released versions of Office. - In Xbox, I owned the Xbox Games app for Windows 8, which is designed to help re-engage users with games and with friends on Windows. I built the V2 and several app updates. I also worked a little on the Xbox One console shell before it shipped. - At Amazon, I was on the Launch team for Fire Phone, and owned the Beta program (400+ participants across Amazon including executives and the SLT), the Quick Start app, and all the software demos for the announce event on June 18, 2014 (watch the results here: I then worked on a team that owns delivering new personalized experiences across our devices. - At Redfin, I worked on growing our listings business with new products for sellers and their Redfin agents. I also worked on new ventures related to listings to give people new ways to buy and sell their homes like RedfinNow, Concierge, and Redfin Direct. I'm not working on launching rentals on Redfin and growing our rentals business. While my day job is product management, I occasionally dabble with code and I blog about product management from time to time.

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The Importance of Shared Priorities Between Managers and Direct Reports

2 February

George Perantatos, Director of Product at Redfin, shares an experience creating a safe environment for his reports to align their priorities and avoid burnout.

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