Gautam Prabhu

Gautam Prabhu

VP Engineering at PagerDuty

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Hello! I’m based in San Francisco and have been leading engineering teams for about 15 years now. I’m currently the VP of Engineering for PagerDuty, where I'm responsible for all engineering functions. Prior to that, I was VP of Engineering for Shared Services/Infrastructure for Zendesk. I’ve been here for about 6 years. Before Zendesk, I was VP of Engineering at a small startup called PowerReviews, which I helped start with 3 others.

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Finding start-up leaders

6 December

Gautam discusses how to identify leaders, to improve the organizational structure of startups.

Building and Scaling Teams
Career Growth
Transitioning into a New Management Role
Hiring, Retaining, or Firing
Let Your Team Make Technical Decisions

6 December

Gautam Prabhu talks about how to avoid becoming bogged down in technical detail as a new manager.

Stakeholder Management
Engineering Processes
Transitioning into a New Management Role
Conflict Resolution
Team Management
When to Fire Quickly

6 December

Gautam Prabhu talks about firing people and why you should fire someone if they make your team uncomfortable.

Communication and Collaboration
Hiring, Retaining, or Firing
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