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Gabe Westmaas

Gabe Westmaas

Director of Product Engineering at Checkr

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15 Years



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Hi everyone! My name is Gabe Westmaas and I am currently Director of Product Engineering at Checkr, where I lead a team of 35 people. Looking forward to meeting you!

Sorry, I am not currently available for mentoring sessions.


Director of Product Engineering

Checkr, Inc.

Sep 2018 - current

Engineering Manager


Feb 2017 - Sep 2018

• Led Tilt Engineering acquisition • Launched "split the cost" capability that has been used 1 million times with revenue of $500 million within 9 months • Launched internal bug resolution program for 60-person engineering organization resulting in the best record in company history

VP of Engineering


Apr 2014 - Feb 2017

• Doubled engineering team, put in place Team Leads and Directors, distributed across offices and remote workers in US and Canada • Built a culture of team and individual empowerment and ownership, leading to an improvement in efficiency and quality across the entire engineering team, as demonstrated in the accomplishments below. • Coached engineering leaders in the development of successful programs, including an engineering internship program, an engineering-driven quality program that over the past 6+ months has consistently fixed 95% of bugs within 7 days of discovery, and a program to ensure weekly releases of mobile applications to customers and multiple daily releases to employees. • Introduced “Engineering Week” which brings all engineers together quarterly and inspires them to collaborate, innovate, and build. Over the past 2 years, >60% of the projects were launched, including a new P2P product which subsequently became the primary strategy for all of Tilt. • Emphasized team performance management through clear expectations and success criteria. • Launched product in 9 international markets; delivered translation automation and support for different methods of payment processing customized to each market. • Scaled product to support 20x increase in regular traffic and up to 400x spikes in preparation for special projects such as a charity launched on the Conan O’Brien show, an ESPN partnership to support fantasy sports clubs nation-wide, and a fan-driven tour for The Chainsmokers across 25 university campuses. • Enabled the rapid rollout of additional payment processors, including an emergency migration of 70% of payment transactions in less than 2 weeks, through improved code design, stronger deployment practices (6x increase in deploys per week), and feature flags for controlled deployment to users. • Strategized with product and engineering leaders to update technology stack to ReactJS and Go.

Software Engineer, Systems Administrator

University of Colorado Boulder

Jan 2004 - Jun 2008

• Responsible for over 100 users and their systems, ranging from laptop management to systems administration for FreeBSD and Windows Servers. • Primary engineer on several software projects, including e-commerce sites for conferences put on by the institute, and a library catalog and search system written in Java. • Worked full-time with full university course load, completed Computer Science BS degree in 2006.


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