Frederic Cerdan

Frederic Cerdan

VP of Engineering at Amenitiz

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    I love to create and build teams, helping them to grow and extend their scope while having a strong business impact

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    Establishing A Career Path Is More Then Copy and Pasting

    7 April

    Frederic Cerdan, Director of Engineering at Payfit, shares his story of how he helped establish a career path at Payfit. It was a challenging process because establishing a career path with a younger company requires you to start from scratch. The career path he would create would impact everyone at Payfit, making it a constant guess to figure out the next step. He learned a lot along the way including what to do, and what not to do.

    Managing Expectations
    Salary / Work Conditions
    Different Skillsets
    Sharing The Vision
    Changing Company
    How to Sustain the Company Culture While Setting Up a New International Team in a New Location

    31 March

    Frédéric Cerdan, Director of Engineering at Payfit, delves into challenges of sustaining the company culture when new engineering teams are being set up in a different location.

    Company Culture
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