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Florjan Bartol

Florjan Bartol

VP Engineering at Zemanta

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3 Years


Manager of Managers

Management Experience

Scaling Team

Hi fellow mentors! My name is Florjan and I currently serve as VP Engineering at Zemanta, formerly a medium-sized startup in adtech space, which was acquired by Outbrain in 2017. I’ve been at the company for more than 5 years, I started as a software engineer and later switched to management. I currently lead an engineering org of 25 engineers, mostly focusing on growing the team, scaling our systems to keep up with business growth and merging Zemanta and Outbrain tech stacks post-acquisition. Outside of work I read a lot of books, try to keep my technical skills sharp and spend as much time as possible with my 18-month daughter. I’m looking forward to learn and to help!

Hey, I'm available every Monday at 2:00 PM (GMT)

Next time slot available
  August 10, 2020
  2:00 PM (GMT)


Keeping Up with Hyper-Growth by Promoting New Managers
21 May

Florjan Bartol shares how he promoted from within in order to compensate for rapid growth within his company.

Career Path
Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Handling Promotion
Scaling Team
Florjan Bartol

Florjan Bartol

VP Engineering at Zemanta


VP Engineering

Zemanta, an Outbrain company

Jul 2016 - current

Helping a team of incredible engineers reach their full potential while they are taking our product to new heights.

Software Engineer

Sportradar AG

May 2013 - Sep 2013

SportRadar acquired Klika. Working on client integrations for a SR SportCenter web app, including mobile web version. Building a Sportradar iOS SDK which allows developers to easily integrate Sportradar JSON feeds into their iOS apps.

Software Developer

Klika d.o.o.

Feb 2011 - Apr 2013

Developing an iPhone app for a TracTrac, a startup specialising in tracking sailing events. The app allows users to watch live sailing events with boats being drawn on the map in real-time along with various statistics. My assignment was to implement the backend part, including an implementation of a binary protocol to transfer data over TCP connection, and porting an existing library (written in Java) for computing statistics from raw data. Part of a team of 15 engineers, building a backend of an information system for Studio Moderna, one of the leading Slovenian e-commerce companies. Used Microsoft technologies such as .NET, C#, SQL Server and NHibernate.


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