Karim Butt

Karim Butt

Co founder & CTO at GlossGenius

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Some of the things I do in my role: • Manage the development (and sometimes get involved in the code myself) of the GlossGenius ecosystem of applications and services (Javascript, Ruby, Elixir) • Serve as full-stack product development leader working across engineering, product and design. Work on understanding and refining product requirements, developing specs and wireframes, and then translating that to technical design • Scaled and manage a team of 20+ software engineers across mobile, web, backend, and infrastructure across multiple "squads" (and we're still hiring so let me know if you think you're a good fit) • Developed and launched physical hardware point-of-sale devices (and the software integration) across the US • Built a best-in-class payments fraud prevention engine and algorithm that catches fraud at near 100% success rates • Manage Agile development process and infuse DevOps best-practices • Developed and manage hiring process across many various engineering roles • Built data infrastructure across ETL/ELT, data lake / warehouse, and business intelligence toolset • Develop and manage all of the supporting systems and processes required to keep the company progressing forward at a rapid-pace • Oversaw migration of infrastructure to AWS

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