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William Bajzek

William Bajzek

Director of Engineering at Sapphire Digital

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    I'm an engineering leader at a health tech company. I began my career as a web developer and later moved to enterprise software and SAAS, and I have spent about half of my career as a frontend developer and the rest on the backend, although the meanings of those words have changed a lot during that time. As someone who never intended to become a manager, it’s taken a lot of work on myself and trust in my own management to get me to where I am today. I try to be the kind of manager I have had the most success with as an individual contributor - I trust my direct reports to be accountable for their work and do my best to clear a path for them.

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    Inviting Juniors to Learn New Skills

    23 November

    William Bajzek, Director of Engineering at Sapphire Digital, is always keeping his eyes open for ways that he can give his team a chance to learn something new.

    Different Skillsets
    Specialization vs. Wearing Many Hats

    23 November

    William Bajzek, Director of Engineering at Sapphire Digital, compares and contrasts a team structure that utilized siloed skill sets and one where everybody’s duties overlap at the edges.

    Internal Communication
    Firing Somebody for the First Time

    23 November

    William Bajzek, Director of Engineering at Sapphire Digital, remembers the first time that he needed to make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the well-being of his team.

    Team Reaction
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