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Evan Hammer

Former Head of Product at Focusmate

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Founders and early-stage teams hire me to reach product-market fit faster. As a founder myself (backed by Techstars, acquired by Beyond Pricing), I love the exhilaration and camaraderie of a team racing through discoveries, setbacks, and triumphs. I’ve also been a product leader and engineer at startups and growth-stage companies (Vimeo, Codecademy, Focusmate). How I help: * Learn about users’ motivations and problems * Develop a targeted strategy and roadmap * Ship features that change user behavior

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Managing a team of former peers

3 May

Evan Hammer talks about how he handled transitioning to managing a team of his former peers.

Team Reaction
New Manager
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Increase accountability through commitments and follow-up

26 January

Evan Hammer talks about how his team increased their accountability, so they got more done and knew whether they were on track.

Managing Expectations
Internal Communication
Sharing The Vision
Team Processes
Career Path
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