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Product Engineering Leader that builds and rebuilds organizations that deliver. Deep understanding of the delicate balance between getting a product out the door and building a sustainable business that delivers consistently over time. Outstanding interpersonal skills for creating effective trusted peer relationships and building cohesive teams. Attracts and recruits top-shelf engineers and engineering leaders. Teaches, mentors, and grows the engineers and leaders in the organization. Holder of multiple patents and a published technical author. Recent Highlights Delivered STIRR and Marquee Sports Network, two major national products on five platforms. Designed, architected and built the organization that delivered a secure, anti-fraud, and anti-corruption payments platform startup directly imagined and funded by Bill Gates. Designed, architected and built the organization that a fault-tolerant, distributed real-time game development platform from scratch. Built a distributed financial exchange that created, for the first time, a real-time highly efficient market for trading certificates of deposit. Led organizations of ninety or more people. Successfully hired, recruited and built organizations in seven companies.

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Here to Make a Recognizable Difference: How to Develop Teams

5 May

Eric Merritt, VP of Engineering at, divulges on the many complexities of developing teams in management by solving problems according to their needs, and empowering teams.

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