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Eric Jewart

Eric Jewart

Principal Group Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

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10 Years


Manager of Managers

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New Manager

Hi, all. I'm an engineering manager at Microsoft, in our Kendall Square office in Cambridge, MA. I've been with Microsoft about a dozen years, minus a brief stint at Ab Initio in Lexington, and have worked on a few different products including app virtualization, security for Office 365, and currently Intune. Prior to Microsoft I worked at Softricity, a startup Microsoft acquired; and Bristol Technology, a company that built cross-platform software. The common thread through my life is that I love to build things, whether it's software or teams or Legos or anything else. I spend a fair amount of my time on CS education and on diversity & inclusion. I live with my wife, our 9-year-old twins, a dog, a cat, and a bunch of chickens out in the suburbs of Boston, where I enjoy reading, carpentry, coaching soccer, and life in general.

Sorry, I am not currently available for mentoring sessions.


Communicating Rather Than Assuming When Managing Former Peers
21 May

Eric Jewart showcases how making assumptions about your direct reports can lead to unspoken misunderstandings.

Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Internal Communication
Personal growth
Different Skillsets
Eric Jewart

Eric Jewart

Principal Group Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft


Principal Group Software Engineering Manager


Oct 2015 - current

I lead an engineering team working on Microsoft Intune, a mobile device management (MDM) provider. My team builds web and native user experiences for iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows devices as well as a set of services that sit behind the UX.


Ab Initio Software

Mar 2015 - Jul 2015

I joined Ab Initio to work on the Metadata Hub team. MDH discovers and manages metadata about data sources and their relationships at large corporations. I worked as an individual contributor, designing and implementing solutions in python and Java.

Principal Software Development Engineer


Jul 2006 - Feb 2015

After Microsoft acquired Softricity, I continued to work on the Microsoft version of the same technology (Application Virtualization) for 3 years, then spent another 3 years applying it to datacenters and the cloud rather than our original desktop market. I spent the remainder of my Microsoft time working on security for Office365, automating the analysis of large volumes of telemetry to detect evidence of intrusions.

Senior Software Engineer

Softricity, Inc.

Aug 1999 - Jul 2006

As the first developer at Softricity, I worked on the SoftGrid client as an individual contributor, as a tech lead, and as team lead. SoftGrid allowed enterprise customers to package up legacy Windows applications as if they were modern apps so they could be deployed and managed easily. SoftGrid's virtualization technology allowed apps that would normally conflict with each other to be installed side by side. I had some level of involvement (specification, design, implementation, and/or review) with almost every client feature we developed. Microsoft acquired Softricity in 2006.

Software Engineer

Bristol Technology, Inc.

Jun 1998 - Aug 1999

I worked as a developer writing cross-platform C/C++ code for Wind/U, the company's flagship product at the time. Wind/U provided libraries implementing Windows-specific features (e.g. COM, services, the registry) on a variety of Unix platforms, allowing customers to migrate apps from Windows servers to Unix servers without rewriting any code. During my tenure, I also founded the Engineering Quality Department to promote standards and techniques for writing better code.



Jan 1997 - Aug 1997

Built a prototype competitive intelligence system, which was later developed into a full-fledged product. The system automatically collected information about potential customers, competitors, and internal resources to automate the process of pursuing and winning contracts.


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