Eduardo Bellani

Eduardo Bellani

Head of Technology at Brick Abode

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Hello everyone. I'm a CTO at Brick Abode (Custom Software Consultancy focused on delivering projects correct and on time). Been doing this for 3 years, and before that was a developer for about 10 years, developing all kinds of systems, mostly on lisp like languages (common lisp, clojure, scheme).

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How to Be an Effective New Manager
13 March

Eduardo Bellani talks about the necessity of changing your mindset when transitioning from IC to manager.

New Manager
Personal growth
Eduardo Bellani

Eduardo Bellani

Head of Technology at Brick Abode

Hiring Pipeline for Passion and Talent
13 March

Eduardo Bellani describes his experience of putting together a new team and the pipeline he created for the hiring process.

Eduardo Bellani

Eduardo Bellani

Head of Technology at Brick Abode


Head Of Technology | Talent Acquisition | Software Team Leader | Business Analyst | Project Manager

Brick Abode

Dec 2015 - current

I was on ground 0 of this incredible adventure of trying to find the best talent available in Brazil and to help structure then into world-class teams. Brickabode is a special place. Here I had the pleasures of: ➥ Actively listen to customers so they get what they need; ➥ Craft documentation that creates business value and help these customers clarify their ideas; ➥ Structure a hiring pipeline that attracts the very best software engineering talent in the country; ➥ See what a world class software development team can do, and help then do it correctly and at the proper time to bring value for our customers. To give you a glance of the fun around here, so far, I have been personally involved in such incredible projects as: ➥ training the whole development division of one of the largest business intelligence companies in the country; ➥ a high performing auction house; ➥ an integration of a complex payment system with cutting edge data analytics and marketing automation tools; ➥ a data analytics platform specialized in video content for social media. Its been quite a ride so far, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Quite the contrary.

Business Analyst | Requirements Engineer | Data Analyst | DevOps | Senior Functional Programmer

Neoway Business Solutions

Aug 2015 - Dec 2015

Helped their fantastic prevention team helping to develop a custom business intelligence software application geared towards the banking sector to detected fraud and collusion. This involved: ➥ Interacting with the customer to clarify the requirements ➥ Helping to structure the team around the lifecycle of the product ➥ Handing off my part of the project to the team. The result of this was the successful completion of a critical project for one of their crucial customers in the banking sector.

Business Analyst | Senior Functional Programmer (Clojure) | Data Analyst | DevOps

Nubank Brasil

May 2015 - Aug 2015

I helped their research department by integrating several different data analysis sources, while also providing insights into their Clojure code base. I also participated in the initial efforts of their internal double entry accounting system. There I reported directly to their CTO, and I must say that I had a great time there, learning a lot from the most vibrant fintech company in Brazil.

Senior Functional Programmer (Common Lisp & Javascript ) | Requirements Engineer | Database Engineer


Jul 2013 - Feb 2015

Agri-Esprit was a formative experience for me. I worked with an extremely competent team building a ambitions ERP focused on the agricultural sector. The technology stack was superlative, based on Allegro Common Lisp and an agricultural ontology implemented in its database, AllegroGraph. There I was responsible for building reactive web applications and adapting their database to customer demands. Summing up, it was an incredible experience because: ➥ I was involved in building a state of the art ERP system for agriculture; ➥ Using a highly advanced technology (functional programming, reactive systems, graph databases); ➥ Working alongside a diverse, competent and engaged international team.

Senior Functional Programmer (Clojure & Ruby on Rails) | Requirements Engineer

Stack Builders

Dec 2012 - Jun 2013

At Stack Builders I observed the value of peer review and a leadership that cared about spreading knowledge while obtaining strong results. There I worked on 3 areas: ➥ as a senior developer with their international team delivering Ruby on Rails applications for their international customers. ➥ as the main developer integrating a system from one of their customers in the financial sector with the systems of the Central Bank of Nigeria. This was done by using a Clojure application interfacing with several Java web services and with cryptography packages. ➥ as the main developer doing a real-time simulator for an interactive lighting installation in NYC. This was also done in the functional programming language Clojure, mostly due to its support for reactive streams.

Team Leader | Senior Developer (Scheme | Clojure | Java) | Research Developer (ML)


Jan 2010 - Jan 2012

During this period in Neoway I led the efforts to produce a new version of their OCR Captcha recognition system. There I: ➥ Reported directly to the CTO; ➥ Restructured the development environment for research purposes; ➥ Recruited a team that was able to handle the task; ➥ Helped directly with the research and design the system, which involved such disparate approaches such as SVM, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Intelligent Agents, and Functional Programming; ➥ Led the international team into the successful completion of the project, which improved the document retrieval process in more than 100% in some cases.

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