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Divya Ramachandran

Divya Ramachandran

Product Leader & Coach at Square Circle, Inc

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  • Tuesday 4th Jan9:00 PM (GMT)

I'm Divya Ramachandran, a full-time coach working with product leaders at all levels. I was most recently VP of Product leading a 6 person product and UX team at a machine learning startup. I worked in UX for several years before that, at various-sized startups. Excited to be connected with you all!

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The Benefits of Restructuring Teams for Customer Use Cases

20 February

Divya Ramachandran refers to her experience of restructuring engineering and product teams and the positive outcomes of having done so.

Techniques for Managing Upward and Outward

20 February

Divya Ramachandran speaks about her time working in product, and what she found as the best ways to manage both upward and peers (other teams).

Managing Up
Internal Communication
Building a Career Ladder for Employees at an Early Stage Company

15 February

Divya Ramachandran speaks about her experience creating tangible career growth evaluations for employees when a clear promotion plan was not previously in place.

Product Team
Handling Promotion
Career Path
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