Dilip Ramachandran

Dilip Ramachandran

CEO and Chief Product Therapist at Nimi

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Dilip Ramachandran is an experienced product leader and entrepreneur with 15+ years of building teams and shipping delightful + highly successful enterprise software products in MarTech and FinTech at companies like Walmart, Experian, Marqeta and Bond. At Nimi, Dilip is CEO and Chief Product Therapist helping high-growth FinTech startups with product and payments advisory and matching them with highly reliable and skilled experts in Sri Lanka. Dilip is currently writing "Gangsta Vision", due to publish in May 2022, a book that's exploring the intersection of finding personal purpose and growing in your product management career. A lot of us hit our glass ceiling due to a variety of reasons ranging from environment, ethnicity, imposed or presumed limitations that hold us back from achieving our true potential. The book is the one he wished he had so many years ago and intends to provide #productherapy and the mindset shift required to help a future leader #unleashyourself and break into senior leadership. Dilip has a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and resides in Oakland, California with his partner Alla, daughter Ariadna and son Wiley (a papillon-sheltie rescue). The family occasionally travels to Colombo, Sri Lanka for his work with Nimi.

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Overcoming Destructive Workplace Habits and Increasing Communication

23 December

Dilip Ramachandran, Founder of Nimi, describes a destructive workplace situation where he worked on a team of experienced leaders lacking collaboration and healthy communication.

Conflict Solving
Sharing The Vision
Psychological Safety
Toxic Atmospheres
Team Processes
Improving Collaboration Between Cross-Functional Teams as a New Manager

23 December

Dilip Ramachandran, Founder of Nimi, shares his experience combining two teams and the mistakes made along the way.

Embracing Failures
Team Reaction
Cross-Functional Collaboration
New Manager
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