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Dieter Wachters

Dieter Wachters

VP Engineering at Collibra

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Hi, fearless Plato-knights, Making the transition from being a great developer to a great manager and a great manager of managers is not an easy thing. I was lucky to the get the opportunity to do this and learned about a lot of pitfalls on the way. It's not just about the changing daily work, but also about changing your skillset, getting to know yourself on what really motivates you and helping others do the same deep dive.

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    Establishing a Better Relationship Between Engineers and Customers

    13 March

    Dieter Wachters, Vice President of Engineering at Collibra, explains the importance of customer and engineer correspondence. For him, this is especially critical in offshore situations where priority in customer support can become bogged down by distanced empathy.

    Cultural Differences
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