Dheeraj Khanna

Dheeraj Khanna

Head of SRE and Observability at Coupang

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Highly technical, adaptable, and detail-oriented executive with 15+ years of IT experience with a recent focus on SaaS (Software as a service), SRE and DevOps management. A recognized & competitive leader with hands-on experience and the ability to build teams to architect, collaborate, deploy, and manage complex technology solutions to improve products and services. Strategic visionary, with pragmatic business sense who drives organizations to exceed business goals and customer needs. Adept in developing a technology road map and delivering through successful execution. A certified IT professional with robust organizational skills capable of leading cross-functional teams responsible for operations and service delivery with a focus on software development – improving operational efficiencies by providing focus on process improvement, Agile project management, strategy development, and team building. Demonstrates unmatched strengths in tactical leadership, developmental management, facilitating projects, and follow-through on critical company projects and goals and can function well under time-critical conditions in fast-paced environments. I am a professional who is adaptable and results-oriented in ensuring deadline-driven operations. I am equipped with an excellent and dedicated work ethic with the ability to manage complex projects which need strong technical, design and planning acumen while maintaining an impeccable track record of having built a global resource strategy including offshoring, outsourcing and vendor management.

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VP - Cloud Engineering and Product Security


Jul 2019 - current

Leading DevOps, Build and Release, and Product Security. Passionate about learning and sharing my experiences about bringing transformational shifts and mindset about DevSecOps, DevOps Culture, and Security.

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