Dhananjay Joglekar

Dhananjay Joglekar

Head of Consumer and Channel Growth at craft.co

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Executive Summary: Product management executive with over 20 years of experience in software design, development and architecture, product management and platform strategy in the digital banking and fintech space. Unique blend of leadership, technology and strategy skills with proven track record of delivering highly complex multi-million dollar initiatives.

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Computer Software
Financial Services / Fintech

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Bring It All Together: How to Implement Processes in a Nutshell

17 March

Dhananjay Joglekar, Head of Consumer and Channel Growth at Craft.co., shares how he involved all the stakeholders who felt the impact of changes in the organization.

Managing Up
Managing Expectations
Cross-Functional Collaboration
Navigating Analytical Discussions for Best Product Fit

14 February

Dhananjay Joglekar, Head of Consumer and Channel Growth at craft.co, shares how analytically he stayed ahead of the curve with his product in an increasingly competitive market.

Goal Setting
Product Team
Cross-Functional Collaboration
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