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Dennis Newel

Dennis Newel

Senior Product Manager at ReCharge Payments

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23 Years



Management Experience

Internal Communication
Scaling Team
Agile / Scrum

Hi everyone! My name is Dennis Newel and I am currently Senior Product Manager at Codeship, where I lead a team of 20 people. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey, I'm available every Wednesday at 8:00 PM (GMT)

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  August 12, 2020
  8:00 PM (GMT)


The Importance Of Aligning Expectations
8 June

Dennis Newel talks about the problems his company faced when the enterprise client they had a contract with had different expectations from his company.

Conflict solving
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Dennis Newel

Dennis Newel

Senior Product Manager at ReCharge Payments

Hiring For Your Product Team
8 June

Dennis Newel discusses the approach he took when he needed to grow his product team.

Product Team
Dennis Newel

Dennis Newel

Senior Product Manager at ReCharge Payments

When Your Team Constantly Misses Deadlines
8 June

Dennis Newel discusses how he approached improving his team’s estimations and got them to start delivering work on time.

Product Team
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Dennis Newel

Dennis Newel

Senior Product Manager at ReCharge Payments


Senior Product Manager


Jan 2017 - current

In my role as Sr. Product Manager at Codeship, I worked on new features and product updates from market research over scoping/spec'ing to documentation and go-to-market; always in close collaboration with engineering, support, marketing, and sales. Codeship was acquired by CloudBees in early 2018, where i've continued in the same role, though moving to a more specialized role mainly focusing on the market requirements and feature scoping/definition.

Technical Product Manager (contract)

Expedia, Inc.

Apr 2016 - Jan 2017

Business Analyst / Product Manager

MediaValet Inc.

Sep 2014 - Mar 2016

As BA/Product Owner/Product Manager I'm responsible for figuring out the details of who, why and what for our Digital Asset Management System Responsibilities: \- Define detailed level roadmap for all products (based on high level, technology based roadmap from CEO/CTO) \- Identify the main business problem behind new features and work out solution scenarios for them; from UI/UX to the technical details (in collaboration with the development team) \- Create mockups, wireframes, epics, user stories and other needed artefacts to help the development team understand the requirements of a feature \- Help development teams understand the bigger picture and while focusing on the most important thing first Achievements: \- Helped improve existing processes to increase team velocity and feature throughput, primarily by minimizing work-in-progress and focus the organisation on a more short term, flexible roadmap \- Evolved the requirements for the latest product version, from a series of mockups to a full set of epics and user stories with accompanying mockups; I also improved the user experience of the product along the way \- Helped development team to stay on track to deliver expected functionality in time \- Worked with offshore QA team to keep product quality high \- Worked with offshore development team to develop additional side products to the core product \- Established shortterm roadmap as well as build up a product feature backlog for future releases

Product Owner (contract)


Nov 2013 - Sep 2014

Worked on the BuildDirect project, primarily as a product owner for one workstream but was scheduled to act as a lead product owner, working with multiple other product owners across workstreams. The project unfortunately ended sooner than expected Responsibilities \- Define detailed roadmap and backlog for new workstream in collaboration with client and other internal groups \- Work with development team to implement required functionality \- Assist in introducing Agile methodologies Achievements: \- Defined roadmap, epics and stories for new work stream \- Assisted in defining high level roadmap for all work streams \- Assisted internal Product Owners in defining backlogs for two other work streams \- Worked with Product Manager on structuring multiple agile teams and work streams \- Worked with internal teams to help transition to Agile methodologies \- Configured Jira and Confluence based on best practices and helped introduce the tool chain to internal team Currently working with a non-disclosed client as a Product Manager/Product Owner as well as helping the client improve their agile processes and utilizing jira/confluence more effectively

Senior Business Analyst (contract)

Appnovation Technologies

Jul 2013 - Jun 2014

I have been working with Appnovation in two different roles: as a product owner/manager and as a senior business analyst on client projects As a product owner/manager Responsibilities: \- Define roadmap for offerings around the Canopy Initiative \- Drive implementation/production of offerings Achievements: \- Defined new subscription product in collaboration with the executive team \- Defined and drove implementation of a community \- Defined and drove implementation around a support offering As a Business Analyst Responsibilities: \- Gather requirements from clients \- Create backlog of epics and stories for implementation team to work on \- Work with implementation team and the clients to address any changes or additions to the backlog Achievements: \- Helped steer two large projects back on track to better control scope and delivery \- Helped deliver two smaller projects, being part of the full project life-cycle

Product Owner (contract)

Make Technologies, a Dell Company

Jul 2012 - Jun 2013

As the Product Owner of an Enterprise SaaS application in Beta phase, I worked closely with the team to enhance the product to better help our users solve their problems. Responsibilities: \- Roadmap and positioning of application \- Work with stakeholders and potential users to keep focus on solving problems not just building features \- Product and sprint backlog creation and management \- Building out the team to full capacity \- Mentoring a new BA Achievements: \- Formulated roadmap for the application \- Worked with internal users to define requirements and user experience for a large customization project \- Detailed out new features from early discussions to full specification and mockups as well as assisted the team in implementation and validation of the features \- Helped both product teams define agile processes to streamline development processes \- Assisted in building roadmap for second portfolio of products as well as manage product/sprint backlog for that product suite \- Introduced and configured agile tools for the wider product team

Senior Business Analyst/Product Owner


Mar 2011 - Jul 2012

I started as lead BA on a big client driven customization project, but since the start of 2012 I've been focusing on new product development, overseeing a larger cross-company initiative from a product owner role. As Product Owner: Responsibilities: \* define high level roadmap for a new set of products \* work with stakeholders to set and evaluate milestones and priorities \* identify business problems and work out solution scenarios for them \* work with other BAs to further detail both business problems and solution scenarios \* help development teams understand the bigger picture and while focusing on the most important thing first Achievements: \* collaborated on formulating new processes for capturing and managing business problems and requirements \* defined high level roadmap for a large cross-company initiative \* worked with BA team to further detail business problems and solution scenarios \* helped ramp up and coach BAs new to the role Lead BA Responsibilities: \* create roadmap and work with the client on setting priorities \* work with client to further detail initial requirements \* be the product owner and client proxy for development teams \* lead a team of BAs and retain the big picture of the solution Achievements: \* helped establish agile processes and structures for a brand new team growing to three full development teams \* built a team of BAs for the project and helped hire BAs for other groups \* worked with client and the other BAs throughout the project to take vague requirements and define clear user stories for the teams to work on \* acted as the overall product owner with focus on the big picture

Senior Business Analyst

Elastic Path Software

Apr 2009 - Mar 2011

Responsibilities: \* Work with clients to identify and formulate business requirements \* Assist clients in analysing and converting business requirements into technical solutions using the Elastic Path platform \* Enable development and QA in sizing/scoping workload \* Help clients prioritize and plan feature development \* Assist development/QA teams throughout construction and into production \* Work with clients on updating and maintaining the work backlog during construction \* Facilitate Agile adoption and be able to step in as Product Owner or Scrum Master Achievements: \* Successfully planned and facilitated elaboration phase for two smaller clients and one enterprise size client \* Assisted clients in managing work backlog and prioritization with from start to finish on three full projects \* Acted as Product Owner (and occasionally Scrum Master) for one of three Scrum teams on a project \* Assisted sales in responding to multiple RFPs/RFIs \* Assisted in modelling and optimizing warehouse processes and reporting \* Assisted other Elastic Path Business Analysts and helped on-board new Business Analysts \* Became trusted advisor for several clients

Principal / Owner

Newel Corp

Oct 2008 - current

Working primarily in the space of Product Owner or Business analyst, I've had the chance to work with some great Vancouver based companies: \* Aequilibrium/Monexa \* \---------------------- \- Worked as a product owner \- Improved agile processes and utilization of Jira and Confluence more effectively. \- Worked with internal teams to help transition to agile methodologies. \- Worked with internal users to define requirements and user experience for new features \- Product and sprint backlog creation and management. \* Aequilibrium/Build Direct \* \---------------------- \- Worked as product owner on a project \- Assisted in formulating roadmaps and backlogs for other teams \- Assisted in introducing Agile methodologies \- Assisted in introducing and configuring Jira/Confluence \* Appnovation Technologies \* \------------------------------------------- \- Helped conceptualize and define offerings around the Canopy Initiative \- Worked as Business Analyst on client projects \* Dell / Make Technologies \* \----------------------------------------- \- Worked as a Product Owner of an Enterprise SaaS application in beta stage, working closely with the team to enhance the product to better help users solve their problems In addition to my contracting work, I've also been working on some of my own products: \* AccessZen \* \--------------------- \- Easy to use front for Atlassian Jira, which would make it easier for companies to share their internal backlog with their clients, without sharing everything \- Killed the product as it conflicted with the Atlassian Customer Agreement; at least in the way I had intended \* UBB.io \* \--------------- \- Hardware and software solution for enabling manufacturers to charge for usage of their devices instead of 'just' selling them \- Killed the product due to lack of hardware knowledge/resources \* sops.io \* \-------------- \- Integrate manual steps in CI/CD pipelines \- currently in Beta: https://sops.io

Senior Consultant

Escalate Retail

Oct 2007 - Dec 2008

Key Responsibilities: \* Assist clients in converting business requirements into technical solutions using the Blue Martini e-Commerce platform \* Implement e-commerce solutions based on the Blue Martini e-Commerce platform \* Extend base product to fulfill customer requests \* Assist in pre-sales product demos \* Provide support and troubleshooting to clients while on-site Achievements \* Analyze, scope and implement new SEO URL module for Blue Martini 9.0 and 9.5 \* Analyze, scope and implement customizations in integration to InStream FAST search server \* Act as lead developer for a small virtual team as well as guide and help developers new to the Blue Martini framework \* Implement 3D-Secure in existing Blue Martini 6.5 installation

Energy Consultant

Allegro Development

Jan 2007 - Oct 2007

Key Responsibilities: \* Interface specification and development \* System configuration and installation \* User training \* Business process research \* Testing Achievements: \* Assisted in installation and configuration of the Allegro software on-site as well as business process research, specification and testing \* Researched, specified and developed interfaces between Allegro and other client systems \* Collaborated with client on issues of development, test and production setup as well as architecture around interfaces between systems

Project Manager

Adapt A/S

Oct 2005 - Dec 2006

Key Responsibilities: \* Assist the clients in formulating needs and requirements for projects \* Write requirement specifications \* Manage 3-4 concurrent projects \* Keep projects within budget and on time while still living up to the clients expectations \* Ensure a continued good relationship with the client \* Train the customer in using their final product and act as first line support \* Report regularly to senior management on project status and economy. Achievements: \* Launched an e-commerce website, intra- and extranets and a range of different information websites. \* Managed 11 projects until now throughout their entire project life cycle. Project lengths varying from 50 to 900 man hours, with most around 1-300 hours. \* Handle incoming support requests from between 15 and 20 clients. From the client’s initial contact until the issue is resolved \* Assisted in formulating company project model and framework

Technical Advisor / Internet Developer

TDC Solutions A/S

Jan 2003 - Oct 2005

Key Responsibilities: \* Technical assistance to project managers \* Evaluating software products and platforms \* Technical contact for sub contractors. Both during projects and on-going maintenance \* Development and maintenance of parts of tdconline.dk Achievements: \* Assisted in formulating data communication methods and integration strategies with other companies in the TDC Group \* Part of a team that evaluated and tested potential software platforms, which should handle online collaboration and communication for thousands of customers \* Developed several modules for the platform behind tdconline.dk, including an XML based system integration, a system for gathering user comments and a system for managing and a system library to standardise validity testing of user input.

Application Developer

TDC Services A/S

Jan 2002 - Dec 2002

Key Responsibilities: \* Maintain and expand a Java based client-server solution developed in-house \* Analyse the future possibilities of the system \* Research integration strategies Achievements: \* Expanded the existing system with new modules and features, e.g. a module to convert Word HTML to valid HTML. \* Developed web services prototypes as a proof of concept for future possibilities of the system \* Researched the possibilities of integrating the system to other systems within TDC, and formulated three possible integration and expansion strategies \* Established and conducted a workshop with the client to establish the future goals for the system

Internet Developer

TDC Internet A/S

Feb 2000 - Jan 2002

Key Responsibilities: \* Develop and maintain database driven websites \* Finding and evaluating portal software \* Assisting in server maintenance Achievements: \* Chose portal platform and introduced it in the organization \* Implemented an extranet in two months with two other colleagues, on the new platform \* Evaluated payment gateways and e-commerce software \* Assisted in developing and maintaining build-to-order systems for large clients

Software developer

Dennemeyer & Company

Nov 1999 - Feb 2000

Key Responsibilities: \* Develop a browser based client for an experimental client-server based system \* Collaborate with the server team to define communication protocols and data transfer Achievements: \* Built a desktop-like environment in a single browser window, to allow the user to work with several different views or documents at once. \* Constructed a spreadsheet presentation of data, to act as a “window” in the browser environment \* Helped establish the communication protocol between the client and the server



Aug 1995 - Dec 2006

Key Responsibilities: \* Technical consultant \* Systems and application architect \* Developer \* Software installations and configurations Achievements: \* Assisted in architecting and developing a business-to-business portal for a large Danish information provider \* Developed small internet applications and websites \* Undertook buying, installing and configuring both servers and workstations for small companies


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