Deepak Kumar Singh

Deepak Kumar Singh

Senior Product Manager at Yelp

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    Experienced Product Manager working in the e-commerce, ad-tech and payment industry. Leveraging data and machine learning to build great product solutions for payments, fraud prevention, onboarding and data platform. Skilled in Research, Product Management, Wireframing and Data Analysis.

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    How to Convince the CEO

    15 September

    Deepak Kumar Singh, Principal Product Manager at Omise, shares his experience during a customer's behavior on payments and how to convince the CEO of specific actions.

    Stakeholder Management
    User Feedback
    Working with Product Teams
    Strategy and Vision
    Teams Facing Common Machine Learning Problems

    24 September

    Deepak Kumar Singh, Principal Product Manager at Omise, talks about combining different teams to solve one common problem and saving processing time.

    Engineering Processes
    Working with Product Teams
    Integrating Machine Learning with Human Knowledge

    15 September

    Deepak Kumar Singh, Principal Product Manager at Omise, articulates how machine learning and human-in-the-loop can create synergistic results when integrated correctly.

    Engineering Processes
    Transitioning into a New Management Role
    Working with Product Teams
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    Senior Product Manager


    Jul 2021 - current

    Working on building content for Yelp, by leveraging the power of community and ML

    Senior Product Manager


    Dec 2018 - Mar 2021

    Worked across payments, fraud prevention. Solved business problems by leveraging ML to great results. Built fraud prevention systems for payments and also supply teams. Expanded the work to ultimately build ML platform.

    Product Manager


    Feb 2017 - Nov 2018

    Worked on payments, billing, powered subscription management for customers. Created new onboarding flow for customers with KYC, risk and supply chain teams.



    Jun 2015 - Jan 2017

    Worked on ad focussed products for Flipkart building pricing innovation for sellers ads, attribution and reporting for Brands. Introduced ML to solve for click optimisation for ads outside the Flipkart network.

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