Debadyuti Roy Chowdhury

Debadyuti Roy Chowdhury

Senior Product Manager at Jungle Scout

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    Hi Folks, My name is Debadyuti Roy Chowdhury; you can call me Deb. I am a data engineer turned product lead. I am currently a Senior Product Manager - Data at Jungle Scout. I have been building data products in health tech, public safety, and eCommerce for the past decade. Over the past 16 years, I have worked in large enterprises like IBM, General Motors, enterprise B2B SaaS scale-ups like Achievers, and startups like Tappozz, As the Head of Product and Data Science, I helped scale Kovid Labs from 7 to nearly 100 people and delivered the MVP before an acquisition. I have also failed at scaling an eCommerce startup and an ed-tech startup and have important learnings from those failures. In terms of a large enterprise, recently at General Motors Canada, I helped with productizing AI use cases across the organization. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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