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David Subar

David Subar

Chief Product Officer / Chief Technology Officer at Interna

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14 Years



Management Experience

Scaling Team
Product Team
Team processes
Dev Processes
Agile / Scrum

Hi everyone! My name is David Subar and I am currently Chief Product Officer / Chief Technology Officer at Interna, where I lead a team of 110 people. Looking forward to meeting you!

Sorry, I am not currently available for mentoring sessions.


Moving From Research To Production
9 July

David Subar explains how he helped a team to move from just researching new ideas to developing them into new products that could be shipped.

Sharing the vision
David Subar

David Subar

Chief Product Officer / Chief Technology Officer at Interna

Fixing Conflict Through Communication
9 July

David Subar discusses how he resolved a conflict between a VP of Engineering who was underperforming and a CEO who was asking for too much.

Conflict solving
Internal Communication
Toxic atmospheres
Managing Expectations
David Subar

David Subar

Chief Product Officer / Chief Technology Officer at Interna


Chief Product Officer / Chief Technology Officer


Jan 2014 - current

Helps companies build and ship products, advises CEOs, CTOs, Chief Product Officers, and investors, on product and engineering efficiency, re-organizing product and engineering teams, driving product release, building new architectures, and growing teams. Performs due diligence on new investments and existing product/engineering groups. Clients have included: • Meta, a leading augmented reality company creating a head mounted display, an AR operating environment, API, SDK and applications with $72MM in venture capital. - Managed Product Management, Software, Hardware Engineering, R&D and UX to drive the product towards shipment of newest product Meta 2. • Lynda.com - Led redevelopment and re-launch of product in order to increase growth. Subsequently, Lynda.com was sold to LinkedIn for $1.5B. • Disney ABC Television Group - Brought in to create a common engineering culture that would allow DATG’s technology group to compete with Facebook and Google, define an organization structure that allows for a common infrastructure to be built and available globally, and also on strategies for Office of the DATG CTO. • frog design - Worked with frog industrial design and innovation clients including McKesson, Disney Parks and Resorts, and Toyota. Major projects included design of Disney’s Magic Band now deployed at Disney World. • PlutoTV - Advised on Product Management group and software and product development. Served as a consultant to VP of Engineering and Chief Strategy Officer and served as interim CTO/CPO. Realigned the Product and Engineering groups, hired personnel, advised on acqui-hire and new office opening and re-aligned the product development process into an agile development process. Company released media products on five new platforms and redeveloped existing platforms as well as major single stream functionality and server-side stitching while David served as interim CTO/CPO.

Chief Product Officer

Zest Finance

Jan 2013 - Jan 2014

Zest used big data to revolutionize underwriting for the under-banked, those with bad or non-existent credit ratings, to provide them with get consumer-friendly loans. By using non-traditional data, machine learning and big data, Zest is able to determine who can be helped and how to find them. While at Zest, was responsible for all product management and engineering. Teams were dysfunctional upon arrival. Replaced, re-organized and repurposed staff and unified teams, while company was under stress, enabling rapid product delivery many times per week. • Re-built all consumer facing platforms, including responsive mobile sites in under six months by introducing structured agile product development process • In two months delivered and fielded new state-by-state lending model in response to regulatory pressure that limited national lending to seven states by using components of the existing architectures and adding new product features • Delivered a new SaaS big data underwriting product to allow continuing revenue during pivot • Cost savings of over $400K by decreasing inefficiency of use of AWS cloud computing services

Board of Directors


Feb 2011 - current

Contender is a peer-to-peer ticketing service for after-market event ticket sales. I serve on the Board, advising the CEO on various business issues.

Chief Technology Officer

Break Media

Jan 2011 - Jan 2014

Break is one of the largest independent online video companies and regularly ranks in the top 40 of comScore in the US and the top humor site. I am responsible for Product Management, Software Engineering, Ad Execution/Production and TechOps/IT groups at Break. My groups are responsible for all Break’s B2C properties on all iOS platforms, Android and the web, integration with Facebook and Twitter, as well as back-end YouTube analytics, our own ad server and integration with DFP. In my tenure I have rebuilt the team, infrastructure and products including building new iPhone and iPad apps, new Android apps and completely rebuilding the web site. Our redesign of the Break web site increased YoY search traffic from Google by 20% and monthly direct visits increased by 2.8 million in a six-month period. We are currently focused on infrastructure layer to analyze big data from usage of over 70 million monthly uniques. On mobile, we have had more than 4 million downloads of our apps on iOS and Android and 202 million video views, a 26% increase over the previous year, and 1.99 billion image views, a 40% increase. We are approaching 1 MM video views per day. Our new iPhone app and our iPad app were selected as ‘New and Noteworthy’ apps by Apple iTunes Store. We also have several OTT apps for devices such as Roku. My teams are in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

Board of Advisors


Feb 2009 - current

Advisor to Fandor, a heavily curated service for boutique films that fall outside mainstream distribution. Fandor distributes films online. It's a Netflix for film fanatics.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Jan 2008 - Jan 2011

First CTO brought into integrate separate technology groups, organize and fix department generating more that $200MM in revenue and $40MM in EBITDA with 600MM pageviews and 270MM uniques a month. Responsible for all the company’s technology, including engineering, R&D, QA, technical operations and internal IT.

Board of Directors

LA CTO Forum

Jan 2007 - current

The LA CTO Forum is a vibrant, private, invitation-only network of 300+ CTOs that meets once a month to discuss common business, technology, and personnel issues. As one of four members of the Board of Directors, I provide overall direction for the organization, and in particular, organize the initiatives we undertake. Among our initiatives are screening and mentoring new members, creating events with topical speakers, and providing support to our community. This is an amazing group of the top technical minds in Los Angeles and I’m proud to be part of its success. More at: www.lactoforum.org

CIO / Product Management


May 2004 - Dec 2007

Interthinx is an ASP/SaaS company addressing fraud detection for the financial services industry. CIO / SVP Product Management of Interthinx, where I was responsible for all Technology and Product Management. Managed six product lines with over $40M in revenue servicing over 1100 clients.


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