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David La France

David La France

VP Engineering at Synack

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14 Years



Management Experience

Agile / Scrum
Personal growth
Dev Processes
Toxic employee
Team processes
Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Scaling Team
Building a Team


Computer Software
Financial Services / Fintech

I'm most passionate about helping people while guiding companies to effectively build software as they face the many product & engineering, cultural, organizational and leadership challenges encountered during growth phase. I enjoy dynamic, challenging environments where I can learn and make a big impact. Built and led the engineering dept of a company subsequently acquired for 1.4 billion dollars. Passionate about creating and developing healthy, highly productive organizations committed to excellence. Led multiple high revenue teams (400MM+/year), including those with millions of daily users and multiple releases daily. Experience growing teams from the high 20's up to as high as 120 via local hiring, establishing remote offices and creating both offshore and nearshore teams. Transformed legacy monolith applications by introducing microservices, moving to OSS and 3rd party libraries and services, introducing CI/CD. Worked with varied technology across both mobile and web. Performed multiple agile transformations.

Sorry, I am not currently available for mentoring sessions.

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