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Dan DiGangi

Engineering Manager at DocuSign

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    Hello! My name is Dan DiGangi. I am a 15+ year veteran across a variety of industries and jobs in software engineering. Since becoming a manager 4+ years ago one of my passions has been mentoring others to success. I learned much later in my career that some of the growth I sought after didn't come because of a lack in mentorship. It's something I truly care about and I'd love to work together. My background is heavily weighted towards design, user experience, and client side development but I do manage full stack engineering teams. Currently I am working at DocuSign as an engineering manager. Below are some ways that I can help whether you're an engineer, manager, or something else entirely! General: - Professional development (skills outside the technical (crucial for higher level jobs)) - Define a career path and achieve it - Interviews, role play, salary negotiation, and getting the job (I'm a hiring manager in Big Tech) - Building project plans, technical strategy, managing projects and executing consistently People/Leadership: - Building hiring/interview process - Hiring/growth of high performance teams - Building DEI, empathy, feedback, and transparency (an environment of values and culture you stick to) - Develop your unique leadership style, professional network, and circle of influence - Conflict management - Cross-partner collaboration or supporting customers - Fostering the growth of your team and providing career guidance Technical: - Build technical skills (software dev, systems design, UI, etc.) - Review software architecture or systems design (more experience client side but have built throughout the stack) Some examples of who I can help: - New to your career and/or the industry - Transitioning to a technical career from another industry - Having a hard time getting your first job - Transitioning to management from individual contributor - Senior engineer moving to Lead level - Getting out of a performance improvement plan successfully (PIP) - Struggling to hire a team or build a high quality and diverse pipeline - Moving a low performing team to high performing - Rebuilding a negative or toxic environment to a positive one - Taking an initiative from idea to the real world (especially if it involves cross-functional partners or senior leadership support) - Burning down a large technical debt backlog - Unable to grow someone so they can get to the next level (stifled progress, unable to provide the right kind of mentorship within the team, etc.) One last thing to know about me - I don't have a "secret" to creating success. I take the basics you need and help you execute them consistently. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to gain major success in life or career.

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    Engineering Manager


    May 2020 - current

    Responsible for DocuSign CLM's Buy/Sell Side and Core User Experiences team, engineering hiring/interviews process, and UI strategy.


    React Loop

    Jan 2019 - current

    React Loop is Chicago's first and only React conference. It is setup as a single day, in-person track including workshops and breakout sessions. Year 1: 250+ attendees, 12 speakers, 2 keynotes, 5 sponsors, and 8 partner companies Year 2: COVID

    Engineering Manager

    DRIVIN Powered by KAR

    May 2018 - May 2020

    - Managed 3 product engineering teams comprised of React, Node, and Java (11 direct reports, 2 non-direct, 1 contractor). - Mentoring using active training sessions, 360 feedback, biweekly 1x1s, and quarterly planning/review. - Working in conjunction with product, reporting, and design for project planning and execution. - Delivered 5+ products, numerous features, and defect resolutions over 2+ years. - Built an engineering standards of practice project (org. wide) with major adoption starting in 2019 and into 2020. - Built an interview/hiring framework for building teams along with hiring 15+ individuals.

    Senior Front End Engineer

    DRIVIN Powered by KAR

    Jul 2017 - May 2018

    - Delivered multiple enterprise applications in React/Webpack/Node w/ supporting Java APIs to production across multiple product teams. - Maintained legacy applications refactoring highly coupled code, increased testing coverage 40%, reduced defects by 25%, and stabilized release processes. - Designed frontend standards of practice including code design, reviews, documentation, testing, etc. - Mentored and managed delivery for 6 developers and contractors. Sourced and hired entire team from personal network.

    UX Software Engineer

    ClearStory Data

    Sep 2014 - May 2015

    - Designed and delivered our BI tool's user experience which we later developed as a team. - Developed modular components, feature rich BI interfaces, and data visualizations using React/Backbone/D3 for data ingestion/workflow components. - Tested w/ Mocha, Jasmine, and Casper including extensive visual regression testing.

    Lead Front End Engineer


    Dec 2012 - Aug 2014

    - Led 3 front end developers to deliver 4 products in analytics, content management, advertising, and the core apartment listing application. - Developed Angular 1 rebuild of core listing application before Costar Group acquisition. - Built and successfully delivered a new PPC advertising application ($7M ARR) as the lead developer. Managed 2 additional developers. - Maintained legacy core listing application in KnockoutJS.

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