Cristian Cătană

Cristian Cătană

VP of Development, Romania at STRATEC Biomedical

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As the leader of the Software Engineering Department at Stratec Biomedical Romania , I focus on improving people, technology and processes so that we can create biomedical products that save and improve people's lives. I am always interested in finding ways to optimize the development process by researching the advancements made in the software world and trying to apply them in the suitable context. Being an ambitious and driven person, I focus my energy towards finding solutions for even the most complex problems, applying creative methods and delivering results. Ever since my early school years I have always been interested in performance and I have always managed to finish in the top of my class. I am eager to learn and to develop on a personal and professional level - I am interested in building knowledge in a variety of fields. I am convinced that the only way in which you can remain on top is to never stop learning.

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Building Communities of Practice

19 May

Cristian Cătană, Head of Software Engineering at STRATEC Biomedical, describes how he contributed to building Communities of Practice that encouraged cross-organizational communication and the exchange of best practices.

Communication and Collaboration
Internal Process Optimization
Creating a Career Development System

19 May

Cristian Cătană, Head of Software Engineering at STRATEC Biomedical, shares how he helped his reports grow by creating a comprehensive career development system.

Career Growth
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