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Connie Kwan

Connie Kwan

Product Executive at Product Maestro

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5 Years



Management Experience

Company Culture
Conflict solving
Internal Communication
Product Team
Sharing the vision
Building a Team
Team reaction
Managing Expectations

If you're a people manager struggling with team morale, difficult conversations, product vision communication and customer communication, please reach out. I help leaders leverage theatre techniques to engage employees and investors through storytelling. I'm Ex-Atlassian, Ex-Microsoft and had 15-years Product Management spanning enterprise software, consumer apps, health tech, energy and semiconductor industries. More about me: Connie Kwan was formerly Chief Product Officer at Carrot, and Head of Product at Atlassian's App Marketplace. She has shipped apps at Microsoft, founded 2 software startups, and consulted for ImpactIQ and Sourcemap.com. Prior to software, she managed solar and inverter (OEM) products at SunPower and semiconductor products at Cypress Semiconductor. Currently, her Product Storytelling Workshops bring leaders in Sales, Marketing, Product and Support together to craft and deliver compelling product stories using theatre techniques. http://story.productmaestro.com

Sorry, I am not currently available for mentoring sessions.


Startup CEOs who fail to define this persona can waste millions in sales dollars
20 February

Connie Kwan, Product Executive at Product Maestro, shares how identifying the persona blocking you at the closing sales.

Product Team
Connie Kwan

Connie Kwan

Product Executive at Product Maestro

What do managers look for when hiring a new PM?
20 February

Connie Kwan, a seasoned Product Executive with experience interviewing hundreds of new candidates, speaks about the qualities she looks for in potential PM candidates.

Product Team
Connie Kwan

Connie Kwan

Product Executive at Product Maestro

Using storytelling to influence stakeholders
20 February

Connie Kwan, CEO of Product Maestro, describes the steps she believes are necessary to share stories with investors, employees, and other stakeholders in order to have a shared understanding.

Product Team
Sharing the vision
Connie Kwan

Connie Kwan

Product Executive at Product Maestro


A Leader’s transition guide to Working from Home

Connie Kwan is offering us some help to work from home.

Connie Kwan
We Do Not Need Senior Developers, We Need Senior Codebases

The IT market says it needs more senior developers. I think there is more than enough. What we need are senior codebases.

Connie Kwan
The most powerful tool in the Product management toolbox

Product Management makes decisions, lots of them. Some days it’s 10 small decisions about the product interface, some days it’s one major decision about a $3M acquisition. Decision making is part and parcel to the job.

Connie Kwan
The Work From Home Transition Guide for Leaders

Many leaders are transitioning to work from home for the first time, so I wrote up my experience in transitioning to leading a team from home in the last 6 months. I hope it will help ease your transition!

Connie Kwan


VP Product as a service, Chief Storyteller

Product Maestro

May 2018 - current

Product Maestro advises startups on Product Strategy and coaches PMs on crafting powerful product stories that resonate with customers and team.

Chief Product Officer

Carrot Inc.

Dec 2016 - Feb 2018

Khosla funded Carrot Inc. is digital health company and creator of Pivot, the best-in-class solution for quitting smoking. The Pivot product combines an FDA cleared sensor with mobile apps to deliver cognitive behavioral therapy through content and coaching. Pivot saves lives by increasing quit outcomes and tackling the #1 preventable killer, smoking. I joined the leadership team as employee #15, built up and led the Product team and Tech Support team, shipped products in both app stores, and saw the staff triple. Pivot is well loved by smokers, or should I say, ex-smokers. See their testimonials on http://bit.ly/pivotproduct

Head of Product, Marketplace and Developer Ecosystem


Jul 2013 - Dec 2016

Atlassian, the maker of Jira and Confluence, is a global leader in enterprise software for project management and collaboration. My team builds and operates the second largest B2B Application Marketplace in the world. We have a community of 400+ vendors building 2000+ add-ons for Atlassian applications. We were covered on Fortune magazine. Find out more at marketplace.atlassian.com. Become an add-on developer at developer.atlassian.com

Senior Product Manager


Aug 2012 - Jun 2013

The Win 8 News Application brings news sources such as AP, WSJ, and NYT to millions of users worldwide. I collaborated with world-class partners to co-design their News experience within Microsoft's Win8 News app. \* Launched 15 inaugural partners in the Microsoft News app including Wall Street Journal, AP, Reuters, New York Times, and News Corp \* Shipped the first Microsoft News app to millions of Windows 8 users in 40 languages \* Drove product changes to reduce partner launch time by 1/10th via infrastructure standardization

Product Consultant, ImpactIQ Project

Impact Hub Bay Area

Jan 2012 - Mar 2012

ImpactIQ helps users visualize global social investments on a world map. I consulted on Product, UX and personas, then created wireframes and a specification document.

Founder & CEO


Jun 2011 - Jul 2012

RealMealz.com simplifies and gamifies homemade cooking. Users cook healthy 30-minute recipes using ingredients on hand, then compete in team challenges sponsored by employers and health plans. I designed and managed the creation of the visually stunning RealMealz.com. I brought on 4 content partners, and piloted the competition engine with a customer. We were covered in SJ Business Journal and invited to demo on stage at Health 2.0 Conference in Boston.

Video Journalist, Sustainable Businesses


Oct 2010 - Jan 2012

Freelance writer focusing on triple-bottom line startups that do well while doing good. My coverage can be found at: www.triplepundit.com/topic/connie-kwan

Product Consultant


Nov 2009 - Jan 2011

Sourcemap is a crowd-sourced, supply chain transparency platform out of MIT. I led a team of two to analyze the competitive landscape for this new paradigm product and create a social media marketing and branding strategy. I presented Sourcemap on stage at Google Tech Talk at Google headquarters and at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim.

Product Manager

SunPower Corporation

Jan 2007 - Feb 2009

SunPower manufacturers and installs the highest efficiency Silicon solar cells on the planet. I was the product owner for 1\. Solar Cell manufacturing in Phillipines that produced that highest efficiency solar cells globally 2\. OEM Inverters from Xantrax, SMA and Fronius \* Created a 70% margin product using waste from the solar manufacturing line \* Drove the evaluation of Enphase inverters for inclusion in OEM Inverter line-up \* Analyzed the business tradeoffs to enable executive decision a product line closure \* Collaborated on solar monitoring software and embedded system

Product Manager and Product Marketing Engineer


Mar 2004 - Jan 2008

Cypress manufacturers semiconductors including the first chip to power multi-touch on the first Apple iPhone. I was responsible for their dual-ported memory product, used to power cell phone towers by companies like Siemens. \* Drove pricing strategies that resulted in a 12% growth in profit. \* Supported sales to achieve $6 million in Design Wins \* Drove programs to identify over $2 million in new business opportunities


Data People

Jan 2002 - Feb 2004

Data People built the first concurrently editable spreadsheet 10 years before Google Docs came out. We sold it to a logistics company that managed their trucks using the software.

Business Manager

Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car Team

Aug 1999 - Aug 2001

In 2001, the Midnight Sun solar car raced from Chicago to LA down historic Route 66 and won Third amongst over 40 entrants at the American Solar Challenge. We were the top Canadian solar car. Leading up to the historic race, I managed a business team of 3+ members to market the team and fundraise $350,000, all in our spare time. I personally fundraised $150,000.


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