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Clive Henrick

Clive Henrick

Director, Strategic Planning and Engagement at Electronic Arts

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Hello đź‘‹

Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks


    My name is Clive Henrick and I an Director of Strategic Planning and Engagement at Electronic Arts. Ive been in the gaming industry for the last 20 years and love to help people and teams create great projects. My passions are getting organizations to run like clockwork while having fantastic engaged engineering teams.

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    Letting go an engineer can result in a win-win situation

    6 December

    Clive had an employee who wanted a leadership position, so he allowed the engineer to take on the role as a “provisionary” lead. When the role turned out not to suit the engineer’s abilities, the engineer maintained his ambition to grow as a manager.

    Handling Promotion
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    Promoting the wrong person to a management position

    6 December

    In his early years of management, Clive promoted an employee to a management position, only to find that they were not a good fit for the job, but he managed to turn the situation around.

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    The power of saying no

    6 December

    When the product team’s manager interrupts one of his tech leads in the middle of his work to tell him about a new project, Clive decides to intervene.

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