Claudio Bartolini

Claudio Bartolini

Fellow office of the CTO at Equinix

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    Tech executive with over 20 years of experience in engineering leadership, strategic consulting, research and open innovation in highly technical organizations. • Effective communicator at all levels in large organizations, including acting as trusted advisor to up to C-level executives • Able to manage geographically distributed and diverse groups, spanning all phases of innovation from inception and experimentation to production. Proven ability to hire and staff a growing engineering team over time. Inspiring coach, mentor and motivator to bright engineers. • Lead of multiple technology transfers into HP/HPE software products • Inventor and innovator with a strong background in cloud, big data and predictive analytics, software architecture and IT service management. Named inventor on 30+ patent applications with two companies • Proficient in agile development, experienced certified agile product owner and scrum master, well versed in both front-end and back-end development, very strong algorithmic ability, experienced in creating, deploying and managing big data cloud solutions at a scale • Frequent invited keynote speakers at international academic conferences, prolific and oft-cited author of scientific literature • Visiting and adjunct professor at prestigious Universities worldwide

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    Feelings Aside: Handling a Team Layoff

    4 October

    Claudio Bartolini, Fellow, Technology and Architecture, Office of the CTO at Equinix, recalls one of the most stressful experiences he went through as a front-line manager while uncovering what he would do differently today.

    Feelings Aside
    When Solving Problems for Others Is Wrong

    4 October

    Claudio Bartolini, Fellow, Technology and Architecture, Office of the CTO at Equinix, explains how solving problems for others and blurring the boundaries can have a negative impact on the system architecture.

    Team Processes
    There Is No Commitment Without Disagreement

    4 October

    Claudio Bartolini, Fellow, Technology and Architecture, Office of the CTO at Equinix, describes how one of his best performers suddenly became disengaged after disagreeing with management over the direction their team would be taking.

    Team Processes
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